‘The Walking Dead’ poll results: Move over King Ezekiel, our readers want Queen Carol!

Melissa McBride has become a critical and audience favorite for her portrayal of Carol Peletier on AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” She has survived the loss of her daughter, single-handedly saved her friends from cannibals, and fearlessly wages war against The Saviors. According to our recent poll, viewers are ready for Carol to take the next step in her journey.

In our recent poll, we asked “The Walking Dead” fans if the Carol should take over as ruler of The Kingdom. A whopping 75% of respondents proclaimed a resounding “Yes.” It’s easy to see why. This woman has shown tremendous bravery and courage, while always keeping the safety of those close to her as top priority. After suffering dramatic losses at the hands of The Saviors, the citizens of The Kingdom may need a leader like Carol to show them how to persevere when the odds are stacked against them. With the current Kingdom leader a prime target of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a succession might become necessary in the near future.

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But 25% of poll takers take issue with Carol usurping the throne. The Kingdom is currently lead by the eccentric King Ezekiel (Khary Payton). War against The Saviors has put him through plenty of misery, as he watched his army be gunned down and his pet tiger Shiva devoured by the dead. But Ezekiel’s message of hope could be a vital element to inspire his remaining people to keep their heads high. Perhaps Carol is merely by his side to help him through his despair to regain that sense of hope.

Do you agree with our readers? View the complete poll results below and keep voting to make your voice heard. And stay tuned to Gold Derby’s coverage of “The Walking Dead” to see if our poll predicts a shakeup at The Kingdom!

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