‘The Walking Dead’ personality test: Are YOU a leader (Rick), a lone wolf (Daryl), or a psychopath (Negan)?

As we eagerly await the next episodes of “The Walking Dead,” debuting February 12 on AMC, we want to know which character in the zombie apocalypse you most resemble. Are you a leader like Rick, a lone wolf like Daryl, a psychopath like Negan, or someone else entirely? In our “The Walking Dead” personality test below (created by Gold Derby contributor Sam Eckmann), we’ll match your personality with one of the following six characters. You can even share your results on social media, although if you turn out to be Negan, you may want to keep that a deep, dark secret.

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Rick (Andrew Lincoln): The natural born leader. Everyone looks to you for your decision-making skills and focus under pressure. The expectations of your community will threaten to overwhelm you, but you will do anything to protect the people you care about. They need you.

Michonne (Danai Gurira): The strong and silent type. You’re pragmatic, focused, and a zombie killing machine. You are perfectly capable on your own, but you possess a huge heart underneath the stony exterior.

Carol (Melissa McBride): The secret weapon. People underestimated you your entire life, but you are thriving in this new chaotic world. You’re a master of deception and won’t hesitate to pull the trigger on a tough decision.

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Daryl (Norman Reedus): The lone wolf. Loyal to a fault and dedicated to the group. You don’t have much to say and prefer to be by yourself, but everyone wants you by their side in a fight or supply run.

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan): The psychopath. You got a little excited when you saw your first zombie, didn’t you? You embrace the chaos of the world around you and use it to your advantage. Others will try to take you down, but you’re confident and brash, commanding respect.

Eugene (Josh McDermitt): The thinker. You aren’t the strongest or fastest in the group, but you can outsmart everyone around you. Large social gatherings can be tough, but you will win the group over with the ingenious plans you cook up and may end up saving the day.

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So, which “The Walking Dead” character are you? Click “Let’s Go” below to begin, and then be sure to dish the current season with other fans in our notorious TV forums. Also check out Eckmann’s recap of the mid-season finale that ended with Rick organizing a plan of action at the Hilltop in order to finally take down Negan and his Saviors.

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