‘The Walking Dead’ poll results: Who wore the boots in the mid-season finale?

After “The Walking Dead’s” mid-season finale this past December, we asked our readers to guess the identity behind a mysterious pair of boots. In a cryptic post-credits sequence, a shadowy figure was seen spying on Alexandria. With the camera never showing the intruder’s face, we turned to our readers for speculation. Now that the show has answered the mystery, let’s check out the poll results below.

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Readers were divided in their guesses, but a leading 27% had a hunch the boots belong to one of The Whisperers. This group from the comic books has not been depicted on the TV series yet, and there’s no guarantee they ever will be. But the radio chatter amongst The Saviors about a herd of walkers had a number of readers thinking this community is being teased early.

These voters were on the right tracking thinking the boots were from a group who hadn’t been introduced yet. This Sunday’s episode “New Best Friends” revealed that a member of the newly discovered junkyard clan was spying on Alexandria. After seeing Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) collect guns and food from the abandoned boat, they followed the two men back to Alexandria. They were able to scale the walls and break into the pantry to steal these items back, as well as kidnap Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam).

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The runner-up in the poll was Dwight (Austin Amelio) with 25%. From his first introduction, Dwight hasn’t been totally on board with Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) brand of leadership. Negan burned Dwight’s face and took his wife Sherry (Christine Evangelista) for himself. The fact that Dwight was not seen in the mid-season finale or last Sunday’s episode made viewers suspicious as to his whereabouts.

21% of poll responders believed the boots belonged to someone not named in the poll. One reader gave a shout out to Carol (Melissa McBride) in the comments. This reclusive survivor has opted to live on her own so she doesn’t have to deal with the emotional burden of protecting the people she loves. It would make sense that she would be interested in checking in on them from time to time.

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The three remaining poll options received much lower vote counts. 12% of readers voted for Magna, another comic book character who has not been spotted on the show yet. A small portion of Derbyites are skeptical of Cyndie’s (Sydney Park) true intentions, as this member of the Oceanside community accumulated 9% of the votes. Heath (Corey Hawkins) received the least amount of support, with 6%. After an on-set injury forced the writers to keep him sidelined for most of Season 6, Heath has only appeared in one Season 7 episode to accommodate Hawkins’ numerous other acting commitments, including “24: Legacy” on Fox.

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