‘The Walking Dead’ episode 12 preview: Rick and Michonne go to the carnival in ‘Say Yes’ [WATCH]

After spending time with the Saviors, “The Walking Dead” will bring focus back to main character Rick (Andrew Lincoln), though it’s unclear if viewers will see much of Alexandria when the next episode, titled “Say Yes,” debuts on Sunday, March 5. Watch AMC’s preview trailer above for “The Walking Dead” Season 7, Episode 12.

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Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) are scavenging for guns and the two lovers try to turn their excursion into a couples retreat. “We should get back,” urges Michonne from the driver’s seat of the van. They smile at each other. “Just a little more, okay?” Rick responds. The carnival they stumble upon might be romantic if it wasn’t swarmed with walkers. A few close calls are depicted in the teaser, and the array of rides should provide the episode with some creative zombie kills. Hopefully there is some benefit to confronting such a massive group of undead.

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The rest of the video follows an increasingly erratic Rosita (Christian Serratos). In the previous episode, she grew frustrated with the slow pace at which Rick’s plan is moving. She tells an off-screen figure “I can’t just wait” and sets out on some scavenging mission of her own. The emotional trauma Rosita has suffered has resulted in rage and rash decisions. Her hotheadedness has already gotten Olivia (Ann Mahoney) killed. Fingers crossed that she really is on her own in the woods and not endangering any other Alexandrians.

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The meaning behind the title is unclear. The first image it calls to mind is that of a marriage proposal. Are wedding bells in Rick and Michonne’s future? At one point Rick quietly states, “It’s not about us, it’s about our future.” This could be an effort to convince a hesitant Michonne to accept the wedding proposition. These survivors have seen unspeakable horrors and lost most of the people they hold dear, so a happy occasion would make for a nice change of pace before they head to war with The Saviors.

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Will either search party discover weapons during their runs? And if they do, will the weapons be kept for Alexandria or handed over to the Junkyard Gang to solidify a shaky alliance? If the preview is any indication, it looks like an action packed journey to find the much needed supplies.

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