‘The Walking Dead’ episode 13 preview: There’s trouble for The Kingdom in ‘Bury Me Here’ [WATCH]

The Walking Dead” is taking audiences back to The Kingdom in the trailer for next week’s episode “Bury Me Here.” The leader of this group, King Ezekiel (Khary Payton), has refrained from joining in the fight against The Saviors. Will something next week finally push the eccentric King to take up arms? Watch AMC’s newly released preview trailer above for “The Walking Dead” Season 7, Episode 13.

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The clip opens on fan favorite Carol (Melissa McBride) leaving the safety of her small house. She could be on her way to the Kingdom or out scavenging, but either way she seems troubled. We hear her asking Morgan (Lennie James), “Is everyone okay?” Perhaps Daryl’s (Norman Reedus) previous lie about the safety of Alexandria rang false to her. Carol is also seen slicing open some walker skulls, so wherever she is headed this episode, the journey won’t be an easy one.

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The title of the episode, “Bury Me Here,” is spotted on a recently dug grave. Which of the characters at The Kingdom would be digging their own grave? Carol could be making her own funeral arrangements since she now lives on her own. And if she discovers the truth about Glenn and Abraham, she may be propelled into a vengeful suicide mission. That would explain her choosing an eventual burial site. But with walkers seen at Alexandria’s gates, the gravedigger may simply be someone unfortunate enough to get bitten in the scuffle.

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The undead isn’t the only threat Ezekiel has to worry about. Though Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) doesn’t make an appearance, his lackey Gavin (Jason Warner Smith) is back to cause trouble. In the most recent supply drop, Richard (Karl Makinen) almost lost his life for pulling a weapon on the Savior gang. But in the video for next week, the entire group draws their guns in a tense standoff. I can’t imagine this show of force going over well with Gavin or his boss. But if one of Ezekiel’s people is wounded or killed in a shootout, it may push the king to join Alexandria in battle. Will The Kingdom population be declining this episode? “Bury Me Here” airs Sunday, March 12 with answers.

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