‘The Walking Dead’ recap: 5 most exciting moments from ‘New Best Friends’

Season 7 of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” continued with the 10th episode Sunday night, titled “New Best Friends.” While Big Bad Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) didn’t make an appearance, the show still managed to present viewers with major revelations and tense action. Cracks have formed with The Kingdom’s arrangement with The Saviors, Alexandrians encounter a strange new group, and one main character makes a potentially life-altering decision. Let’s look at the five best moments from “The Walking Dead” Season 7, Episode 10.

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A Fragile Peace – Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Morgan (Lennie James) and other members of The Kingdom meet with a group of Saviors to deliver their requisite supplies. Richard (Karl Makinen) provokes the Savior he punched earlier in the season and a scuffle ensues. Morgan defends Richard with his staff, knocking a Savior to the ground. Ezekiel barely manages to defuse the situation and a Savior takes Morgan’s staff as punishment, stripping Morgan of his last physical reminder of Eastman (John Carroll Lynch).

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Return of the Crossbow – After surrendering his firearm in the earlier scuffle, Richard is seen practicing his skills with a bow and arrow. When Daryl (Norman Reedus) stops to talk to him, Richard senses an ally, saying, “We both want the same things, and I need your help.” Richard then hands Dixon a new crossbow. Ever since Dwight (Austin Amelio) stole Daryl’s signature weapon, things have been off for the character. So to see the camera pan up as Daryl brandished a crossbow was a cheer worthy moment for “Walking Dead” fans.

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Jadis the Junkyard Queen – Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his group are surrounded by a group living in an immense junkyard. Their leader Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) tells Rick, “We own your lives.” But Rick impresses upon her the threat of the Saviors and pleads with her to join Alexandria in the coming fight. It’s revealed that this group saw Rick collect supplies from the abandoned boat, infiltrated the walls of Alexandria to get them back, and took Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) as prisoner. When Jadis initially refuses to get involved, it’s an unusually brave Gabriel who holds one of his captors at knife point and sells junkyard clan on Rick, the man who “can do anything.”

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Gladiator Pit – The language and behavior of the junkyard clan appears quite “Mad Max” inspired, especially when Jadis pushes Rick into a deep pit with high walls made of garbage. “I need to see if you are real with this,” she claims. As Rick regains his composure a walker in the pit comes to life, its head protected by a metal helmet and its body dotted with long spikes. Killing the beast appears impossible. Spikes impale Rick’s hand and slash his leg before he is able to topple a wall of garbage to crush the zombie.

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Daryl’s Lie – After discovering her location from Richard, Daryl has an emotional reunion with Carol (Melissa McBride) at her cabin. Carol states her reasons for leaving the group, confessing that if she had to kill again to protect the people she loved there would be “nothing left of me.” With tears in her eyes she asks Daryl if the Saviors came to Alexandria and if everyone back home is safe. Knowing that the news of Abraham and Glenn’s brutal deaths would set Carol off on a suicide mission of revenge, Daryl instead tells her that Alexandria made a trade deal with the Saviors and everyone is alive and well back home. Should Carol ever discover the truth behind Daryl’s deception, the results will surely be disastrous.

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