‘The Walking Dead’ episode 11 recap: Top 5 moments from ‘Hostiles and Calamities’

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” took a break from Alexandria in its latest episode “Hostiles and Calamities.” The hour gave us a peek inside The Saviors’ camp from the perspectives of a new addition and a veteran who second-guesses his place with the group. Both characters make shocking choices that will alter the story going forward. Here are the best moments from our time at The Sanctuary in “The Walking Dead” Season 7, Episode 11.

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Short a Wife – Dwight (Austin Amelio) begins the episode in a panic. The corpse of Fat Joey is discovered outside, a motorcycle is gone, and Daryl’s (Norman Reedus) cell door is open with the prisoner missing. Dwight finds the “go now” note and recognizes Sherry’s (Christine Evangelista) handwriting. He returns to his room to search for her, but it’s too late. Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his men have returned from Alexandria and bust open the door to pummel Dwight. “When I got back I realized I was short a wife,” says Negan. “Are you starting to change your stripes on me, Dwighty?” Dwight claims his loyalty is to The Saviors and is tasked with bringing Sherry back to The Sanctuary.

Dr. Smarty Pants – Negan escorts Eugene (Josh McDermitt) to the walker pen and asks if Eugene is some type of smarty pants. At first, Eugene cowers and cries but soon realizes that his intelligence could be key to his survival. “I am indeed a smarty pants,” he declares. Reverting to his expertise in lying, he touts a doctorate degree, that he read enough to teach himself how to make bullets, and that he was a government agent working to mechanize bio-weapons. Negan’s wall of walkers are decaying and crumbling, and Eugene quickly offers a solution to strengthen their defenses using a smelting machine. “Look at you, Doctor Smarty Pants!” Negan exclaims and invites Eugene into the community.

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Beer and Pretzels – On his search for Sherry, Dwight heads to their old house. “If we ever got separated we would meet back here with beer and pretzels,” Sherry narrates in a note to Dwight. She reveals Dwight has memory problems and doesn’t believe he would remember their plan or recall any of their happy memories together. “I let Daryl go because he reminded you of who you used to be. And I wanted to let you forget … you’ve killed and you’ve become everything you didn’t want to be.” Dwight finds Sherry’s wedding rings as she confesses that she blames herself for his transformation. Heartbroken and dejected, Dwight places the pretzels and beer down on the table and leaves for The Sanctuary, without having found Sherry.

Soft Hearted – The doctor in The Sanctuary is quite cruel, telling Dwight that he cannot be “soft hearted” like Sherry. The doc gets the surprise of his life when Dwight plants a piece of Sherry’s note in his desk. Crafting a story about her death, Dwight informs Negan that Sherry ran away from him and was devoured by walkers. But, not before revealing that the doctor aided in her escape. Negan is about to put a hot iron to the man’s face for his betrayal when the doctor admits to the wrongdoing to save himself. At first Negan appears calm, thanking the man for coming clean. But Negan must have been a fan of “Sweeney Todd” before the zombie plague hit, as he suddenly grabs the doc and tosses him into the oven, letting him burn alive.

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“I’m Negan” – Eugene has several brushes with power during the episode. He is given his own private quarters, complete with video games, has a date with Negan’s wives, and intimidates another Savior to take some supplies he needs. In the final moments of the episode, Negan is about to ask Eugene who he is and Eugene blurts out “I’m Negan” before the question can be finished. “I was Negan before I met you, but I just needed to meet you properly to know.” The self-made scientist is an excellent liar — it’s how he survived the apocalypse with Abraham and Rosita (Christian Serratos). But this chilling confession doesn’t seem like an act.

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