‘The Walking Dead’ episode 13 recap: Top 5 moments from ‘Bury Me Here’ include two shocking deaths

The Walking Dead” continues to hop between its various communities of survivors each episode. This week, focus shifts over to The Kingdom with an episode called “Bury Me Here.” Though life at The Kingdom has remained mostly peaceful, that all ends in this traumatic hour. An instigator seriously misjudges a situation, a beloved character suffers a mental break, and multiple lives are lost. Here are the five best moments from “The Walking Dead” Season 7, Episode 13.

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Carol: Lone Wolf – Sensing that she doesn’t know the full story about her friends in Alexandria, a restless Carol (Melissa McBride) leaves the safety of her home for The Kingdom, slaughtering walkers along the way. Though a pack of zombies is at the gates, she climbs a tree and repurposes a sign post as a spear. Benjamin (Logan Miller) and a group of Kingdom dwellers emerge from the gates as Carol impales the last walker through the head and marches through the gates. She confronts Morgan (Lennie James) about Alexandria, but cannot get the truth out of him. In a bit of foreshadowing, Benjamin pleads to follow Carol back to her home so as to learn from her. But she refuses and orders him to complete the Savior supply drop instead.

Open Grave – On the way to the supply drop, the group encounters a blockade of shopping carts in the road. Guns are drawn, and Richard (Karl Makinen) orders everyone into formation around Ezekiel (Khary Payton). They follow the barricade around a nearby building where a freshly dug grave sits empty. A makeshift gravestone reads “bury me here.” While Ezekiel comments about a world gone mad, viewers are left to wonder if this is why Richard was shown with a shovel earlier in the episode.

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Death of an Innocent – During the supply drop, Gavin (Jayson Warner Smith) inspects the loot and tells Ezekiel and his people that he wants their guns. The two factions raise their weapons in a standoff. Ezekiel is incredulous but Gavin reveals that the supply of melons is one short. After Gavin has all the guns, he informs Ezekiel that a price must be paid. With a gun to his head, Richard tells a Savior to kill him, but the man turns and shoots Benjamin instead. With the boy bleeding out, the group rushes him to Carol’s residence for her medical supplies. But he dies of blood loss on her kitchen table before anything can be done.

Richard Gets his Wish – Distraught over Benjamin’s death, Morgan walks back to the roadblock and puts the pieces together that it was Richard who staged everything. When confronted, Richard is devastated that he wasn’t the one to die, but is convinced Benjamin’s death could be the catalyst Ezekiel needs to battle the Saviors. They just have to lull them into security first. Morgan takes that advice to the extreme in their next supply drop. As Richard is handing over the missing melon, Morgan flies into a rage, knocking Richard to the ground. Everyone watches in horror as Morgan bashes Richard’s head into the pavement and chokes him to death. He reveals Richard’s plan to everyone, reestablishing trust with Gavin.

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Truth Revealed – Morgan’s actions have caused him to have violent flashbacks, reverting to his appearance in the episode “Clear.” A disturbed Morgan shows up on Carol’s doorstep and asks if she really wants to know what happened at Alexandria. She listens to him describe how Negan beat Glenn and Abraham to death with a baseball bat and later killed Spencer and Olivia. With her worst fears realized, she forgoes her home for The Kingdom to help Ezekiel prepare for a fight.

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