‘The Walking Dead’: Top 5 moments from ‘Something They Need’ include Sasha’s life or death decision

With the season finale next week, “The Walking Dead” set up some juicy conflicts in the penultimate episode. As many predicted, the suicide mission at The Sanctuary did not end well. That bungled attempt for revenge could deal a major blow to Alexandria’s war effort. Alexandria could very well lose some soldiers before the fight even begins. Let’s look at the five most riveting moments from “Something They Need.”

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A Choice – Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) was not successful in her spontaneous assassination attempt and finds herself tied up inside a cell. A Savior enters and offers to fetch the prisoner some water if he can have sex with her. Sasha head butts the creep, but that doesn’t stop him from ripping her shirt and forcing himself on her. Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) enters suddenly and reminds the man that he does not tolerate rape, and swiftly plunges his knife through the man’s neck. Negan appreciates Sasha’s “beach ball lady nuts” and offers her the knife. She can use the weapon to kill herself or prevent the deceased rapist from reanimating and join Negan’s team of Saviors.

Undermining Gregory –  Creepy men assaulting women is apparently a theme this week, as Gregory (Xander Berkeley) corners Maggie (Lauren Cohan) to feign concern that she is planting crops outside Hilltop’s walls by herself. He pulls out a knife and offers to stand guard for her, and considers killing his rival. Just as he loses his nerve to kill Maggie, a walker stumbles out of the woods. Gregory wants to kill the zombie, but is too scared. As Maggie takes up the task, another zombie surprises Gregory from behind and tackles him to the ground. Maggie easily dispatches both beasts, but not before a scavenging group of Hilltop residents passes by to witness the failure of the man they call leader.

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Storming Oceanside – Tara’s (Alanna Masterson) decides to reveal the location of Oceanside, so Rick (Andrew Lincoln) leads a team of Alexandrians to take their weapons. Tara attempts to negotiate with Natania (Deborah May), pleading with her to join the fight against Negan. But the Oceanside leader remains stubborn and takes Tara hostage. Rick’s groups sets off explosions along the perimeter to drive the women from their homes, leaving the armory unguarded. The women of Oceanside are skeptical and angry, until the Alexandrians display their fighting prowess by annihilating a herd of walkers drawn to the noise. Cyndie (Sydney Park) overtakes Natania to free Tara, and Rick and company walk away with an army’s worth of guns.

Sasha’s Decision – Sasha stabs the rapist Savior in the head, pleasing Negan. But to her horror, Eugene (Josh McDermitt) has revealed Rick’s plan to wage war with the madman. Knowing that Negan will only use her to hurt her friends, she tearfully begs Eugene to give her some type of sharp object so she can kill herself. The look on her face indicates that she also wants to take the traitorous Eugene down with her, but he returns to her cell with one of his poison pills instead of a blade. “For the record, I do not want you to go” he says, “but it sounds to me like you might already be gone.”

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Prisoner – When Rick returns to Alexandria with the guns, Rosita (Christian Serratos) is waiting at the gates. “There’s someone here” she says, before leading the gang to the Alexandria prison. To everyone’s surprise, and Daryl’s (Norman Reedus) visible rage, Dwight (Austin Amelio) stands inside the cell. Apparently, Dwight wants to help Alexandria. “Ok”, Rick says, drawing his gun, “get on your knees.” We have to wait until next week to see what happens next, but Dwight could be the most useful pawn in Rick’s war game.

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Viewers will find out what kind of trouble Rosita finds herself in when “The Walking Dead” returns on Sunday, March 26. What do you think of “The Walking Dead” Season 7 so far? Be sure to sound off about the current episodes in the comments section below and in our fun TV forums.

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