‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8: Which character will crossover with sister series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’? [POLL]

At New York Comic Con, “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman revealed that AMC’s flagship zombie drama would have a crossover with prequel series “Fear the Walking Dead.” After years of fans wondering whether the two shows would ever share a tangible connection, Kirkman specifically stated that one character would be making an appearance that connected the two programs. Which apocalyptic player will be making a jump? Below, voice your opinion in our “The Walking Dead” poll after we look at the three most likely options.

Abraham Ford – Since “Fear the Walking Dead” is set early in the zombie apocalypse, it provides opportunities to explore the origins of fan favorites from the original series. Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) may have been bludgeoned to death, but Big Red has great odds at making a return appearance. Abraham didn’t encounter Rick and company until Season 4 of “The Walking Dead.” But audiences are given one glimpse into the military man’s past, when his family dies while hiding out in Houston, Texas. In the recent season finale of “Fear,” antagonist John Proctor wants to bring Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) to “what’s left of Houston.” Proctor is heading there for the city’s power grid, but will he and Alicia encounter a younger Abraham, still alive with his wife and daughter?

Negan – Speaking of characters with backstories worth exploring, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) would be an excellent crossover candidate. Many “Fear” fans anticipated that the series would showcase how a disturbed person like Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) could transition into a sociopathic villain like Negan. When Chris died by flipping his truck viewers felt robbed of an intriguing character evolution. If we aren’t going to see a “Fear” character become a villain, exploring an established antagonist’s rise to infamy would be the next best thing. Image Comics recently released a standalone book titled “The Walking Dead: Here’s Negan,” which explores the psychopath’s life before the Saviors. So there is plenty of story to pull from. And given how much buzz Negan has generated for the main series, AMC would surely love to bring the same attention to the prequel.

Madison Clark – Perhaps AMC is not interested in backstories at all, and a “Fear the Walking Dead” actor will appear in the main series. Fans have long speculated that “Fear” is actually a stealth introduction to the next villainous group in “Walking Dead” mythology: The Whisperers. This clan is led by a woman called Alpha, and plenty of viewers have speculated that Madison (Kim Dickens) will soon don that moniker. We have witnessed Madison transform into a more ruthless leader, but will the apocalypse eventually drive her to savagery? Kirkman did specify that only one character would be making a crossover. If Madison were to become Alpha, wouldn’t her current group follow her to become the Whisperers? Using a spinoff series to introduce a new villain, and having the audience sympathize with Madison before she become the evil Alpha, would go down as one of the greatest feats in television history.

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