Top 10 ‘The Walking Dead’ villains ranked from worst to best: Negan and Simon and walkers, oh my!

With eight bloody seasons and over 100 episodes behind us, we’ve seen many different types of villains pop up on “The Walking Dead,” including those ever-persisting walkers. But who are the Top 10 scariest big bads so far? And who, conversely, are the weakest? Click through our photo gallery above that lists all of “The Walking Dead” villains, ranked by their evilness. Can you guess who’s #1? We’ll be back to update this gallery as new villains emerge in the second half of Season 8.

Currently midway through its eighth season, several threats remain on “The Walking Dead,” most notably Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Negan has lasted over a season and a half, making him one of the longest living bad guys in “The Walking Dead” history. Negan’s ruthless demeanor and penchant for murdering our main characters doesn’t just make him a great “Walking Dead” villain, but also one of the cruelest villains in television history.

Making his debut in our gallery is Simon, portrayed by Steven Ogg. Simon is the only “The Walking Dead” second-in-command to make our list, proving just how bad he truly is. As a secondary protagonist, he’s made his presence known, most notably by threatening to kill pregnant Maggie (Lauren Cohan) in the mid-season finale. But like another former number two Caesar Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo), if you become too big of a threat your leader, in his case The Governor (David Morrissey), will eliminate you. Now that’s a big bad!

Morgan won the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Guest Performer last year and since they’ve done away with the category will remain the most recent winner. Morgan remains the show’s best chance at scoring an Emmy nomination for acting. However, the Emmys changed the rules three years ago limiting the number of episodes a guest star can appear in to less than 50%. At the halfway mark of Season 8, Morgan has appeared in four episodes; four more and he’ll be bumped into the ultra-competitive Best Drama Supporting Actor category at the Emmys.

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