‘Twin Peaks’ recap: Was Agent Cooper coming back to his senses in ‘Part 5’?

“Part 5” of David Lynch‘s “Twin Peaks” revival on Showtime continued to pose more questions than answers. Sunday night’s episode introduced new characters, brought back old friends, and left audiences scratching their heads as to what it all means. Here are the five best moments from the latest entry in this series.

The Mystery Deepens — Remember that severed head with the mismatched decapitated corpse from ‘Part 1‘? Detective Constance Talbot (Jane Adams) continues to make headway in her investigation, finding in the body’s stomach a wedding ring with the inscription “To Dougie, With Love, Janey-E.” Just what has this Dougie Jones been up to? We also meet a violent casino boss (Jim Belushi) unhappy about all the money Dougie has won, and a Pentagon colonel (Ernie Hudson) concerned about database hits by the deceased Major Briggs.

Agent Dougie Cooper — Viewers hoping for Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) to snap out of his post-Red Room stupor will have to keep waiting. Still under the impression that he’s Dougie Jones, his wife Janey-E (Naomi Watts) and her child Sonny Jim (Pierce Gagnon) drive him to work, but not before he tears up a bit while staring into the boy’s face. Unsure of where to go, Dougie is drawn to an important meeting at the Lucky 7 Insurance firm by a coworker (Josh Fadem) with lots of coffee. While there, he calls an oily claims adjuster (Tom Sizemore) a liar, prompting a meeting with his boss (Don Murray). As was the case with the cup of joe, the mention of the word “agent” sparks something in Cooper that could bring him back to reality. And rather than return home with a stack of paperwork, he remains outside the office building staring at a large statue with a tiny red balloon attached.

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Learning to Drive — There’s a mysterious group of hoodlums in a black car looking for Dougie Jones, continuously driving past the house where he left his car. The little boy (Sawyer Shipman) across the street is curious about that little black device underneath the vehicle, and goes out to investigate. Before he can learn too much, the hoods return to break into the car. Unfortunately, a few of them get blown up from what turns out to have been a car bomb. But Luckily the kid is unharmed.

New Friends and Old Ones — Fans of the original series were delighted to finally return to the RR Diner, still run by Norma Jennings (Peggy Lipton). Shelly Johnson (Mädchen Amick) is still waitressing and lends money to Becky (Amanda Seyfried), who needs it for her drug addicted boyfriend (Caleb Landry Jones). Previously he was turned down for a job by Mike Nelson (Gary Hershberger), Bobby Briggs’s old pal. We also learned that Dr. Lawrence Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn) hosts an “Info Wars”-esque show from his trailer and is selling those golden shovels to viewers who need to dig themselves out of the “sh*t.” Two of his loyal fans include Jerry Horne (David Patrick Kelly) and Nadine Hurley (Wendy Robie). As well, we see Sheriff Truman (Robert Forster) talking to his brother Harry on the phone before being interrupted by his wife Doris (Candy Clark), who’s upset about a leaky pipe.

Double Trouble — While Cooper keeps stumbling around in Dougie’s oversized suits, his evil doppelgänger remains in lockup. FBI Agent Tammy Preston (Chrysta Ball) feels something is amiss, and compares Cooper’s fingerprints from 25 years earlier with those of his evil twin. Granted one phone call by the warden, he dials a mysterious number that causes the prison’s lights and alarm systems to malfunction. While the guards are anxiously trying to figure out what’s going on, he says simply to the person on the other end, “The cow jumped over the moon,” before hanging up and causing everything to return to normal.

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