‘Twin Peaks’ revival recap: 6 most mind-bending moments from series premiere

Twenty-five years have passed, and the owls are still not what they seem. “Twin Peaks” debuted the first two parts of its new Showtime revival on Sunday, May 21, and the cult classic is as bizarre and surreal as anyone could imagine. Creator David Lynch reaches “Peak” weirdness with the resurgence of his cult classic. While he answers a few questions fans have been asking for over two decades, they only raise dozens more. Here are the most head-scratching moments from the premiere.

The Giant’s Prophecy – In the original series, the Giant appeared to Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) with vital information. The new series begins in the infamous “Red Room” where a ghostly Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) tells Cooper she will see him in 25 years. We then cut to a black and white version of the same room, where the Giant sits with an attentive Cooper. Just like before, he has three bits of prophecy: “It’s in our house now,” “Remember 430,” and “Richard and Linda: two birds, one stone.” Cooper replies that he understands, which is more than the audience can say, before vanishing. Is the thing in their “house” the demonic Bob from the first series, or something even more sinister? One mystery seems cleared up though: Cooper has been trapped in the Black Lodge’s Red Room while his evil doppelgänger roams our world.

A Glass Box – In the heart of Manhattan a man is tasked with vigilantly observing a glass box as part of a top secret mission. The guard does not allow anyone in the room with him, even his admirer Tracey who brings him lattes. But when the guard is missing one evening, the two enter the room together. They begin to take off their clothes, and the glass cube turns black. Then they watch in horror as a strange faceless figure appears in the darkness. Before they can flee, the figure shatters the glass and lunges at the couple, ripping them apart. Who knows what foul demon this is, but Lynch may have actually created something scarier than Bob.

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The Red Room – In the Red Room, The One Armed Man/Mike (Al Strobel) introduces Cooper to a tree with a brainy blob for a head (no, seriously) who is the evolution of “The Arm.” It’s safe to assume that this is an incarnation of The Man From Another Place, or Mike’s left arm. The Arm warns Cooper that his evil doppelgänger must return before Cooper can leave. As Cooper wanders the velvet-draped halls Mike senses something amiss, and The Arm declares that it’s his own doppelgänger. That violent form of The Arm appears as Cooper is about to escape the Red Room. It drops Cooper from the room, plummeting him through space into the glass box in Manhattan. He disappears from the box before the above mentioned murders, but could Cooper have inadvertently let some evil entity into the world?

A Strange Smell – In South Dakota, a woman senses a strange smell from the neighboring apartment. The police investigate and discover a woman’s severed head above a strange man’s body, rotting in bed. A school principal’s fingerprints are all over the crime scene, but the man cannot remember being there — except in his dreams. Is he possessed by a Bob-esque demon? Stranger still, Cooper’s doppelgänger arrives at his wife’s house, and they seem to know each other. But Doppel-Cooper wastes no time in shooting her in the head. Her body is depicted as being shot through the eye, the exact same manner as the severed head in the apartment complex. Is this a new demonic calling card?

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Phillip – After killing his would be assassin Daria, Doppel-Cooper gets on the phone with a mysterious man named Phillip. “I missed you in New York,” Phillip says. “You’re going back in tomorrow and I’ll be with Bob again.” The doppelgänger is not speaking to whom he thought. And the man on the phone is clearly referencing going back to the Black Lodge. Is this Phillip another demon? The only person by that name in “Twin Peaks” lore is Phillip Jeffries (David Bowie) from the movie “Fire Walk With Me.” It’s unclear if this is just a nod to the late performer’s role or if Lynch plans to make Phillip a recurring thorn in the doppelgänger’s side.

My Log Has a Message For You – The Log Lady (Catherine E. Coulson) is one of the most beloved characters in all of “Twin Peaks,” and she is back to deliver more cryptic messages from her log. She phones Deputy Hawk (Michael Horse) late at night with a log message: “Something is missing and you have to find it … It has something to do with your heritage.” Hawk’s Native American heritage helped reveal the White and Black Lodges in the original series, so he is probably central to helping the trapped Cooper now. Hopefully she can aid Hawk in freeing our protagonist from the Red Room.

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