‘Twin Peaks’ revival recap: We debate the nightmarish mysteries of ‘The Return, Parts 3 & 4’ [WATCH]

After all of the hype, mystery and excitement, the much anticipated “Twin Peaks” revival is under way on Showtime. Gold Derby is presenting exclusive weekly video recaps with our staff of writers and editors to discuss each episode in detail. This week I am once again joined by contributing writers Charles Bright and Zach Laws (watch the slugfest above) to debate the labyrinthine storylines and bizarre plot twists of “The Return, Parts 3 & 4.”

All three of us declare our admiration for both episodes, despite them being at times difficult to follow and also so different to each other. Much of episode three was a captivating and at times nightmarish series of bizarre dialogue-free scenes as Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) encounters an eye-less woman in a strange dark room. Episode four cuts between the creepy Bob-possessed Cooper and his first encounter with Agent Gordon Cole (played by David Lynch), scenes back in Twin Peaks with some of the characters from the original series, and a new storyline where Cooper (or another doppelgänger of Cooper) appears to have now taken on yet another identity as Dougie Jones, alongside new cast member and “Mulholland Drive” alum Naomi Watts. These two installments also star the late Miguel Ferrer, David Duchovny, Robert Forster, Michael Cera, Kimmy Robertson, Harry Goaz, Dana Ashbrook, Michael Horse, and Russ Tamblyn.

“My initial reaction after I finished episode four was whether the real mystery of this season of Twin Peaks is ‘What in God’s name is any of this about?,” Charles declares. “I kind of see where this is going, but the real irony here is that we’ve had four episodes and roughly not even 10 percent of it has actually taken place in Twin Peaks.”

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“I am still incredibly captivated and intrigued by it,” Zach agrees. “But especially in that third episode I found myself saying a lot, what the ‘bleep’ is going on here?”

“I am very much desperately trying to work out what the hell is happening,” was my initial reaction as well. “I’m loving it, but I want to know more.”

I also recall something Zach said in our last chat, where “this show and other David Lynch projects are such visceral representations of what dreams feel like or the dream state. Could there have been a more amazing approximation of what a dream feels like than this episode? I mean really, I was blown away by the beginning of this episode.”

Zach adds that that “it was like watching a nightmare unfold in front of you… I don’t know quite how to explain it and I don’t know what it means, but I am riveted by it. And Charles remarks that “it was so bizarre and random. The thing with Lynch is that we don’t know if we are going to get a payoff,” he says. “That’s part of the intrigue to keep on watching. All of the weird stuff that you see, you never know, and sometimes you’ve just got to go with it… We’ve had more dialogue here than the entire first four hours!”

Fans of “Twin Peaks” will have to wait until next year to see if the show can make an impact at the Emmys (as it is not eligible for Emmy consideration this season). In the meantime, be sure to make your Emmy predictions. Weigh in now with your picks so that Hollywood insiders can see how their TV shows and performers are faring in our Emmy odds. You can keep changing your predictions until just before nominees are announced on July 13. And join in the fierce debate over the 2017 Emmys taking place right now with Hollywood insiders in our TV forums. And visit our home page for the latest in entertainment news.

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