‘Twin Peaks’ revival recap: Violent, mysterious ‘Part Six’ leaves audiences scratching their heads and covering their eyes

Now in its sixth installment, David Lynch‘s “Twin Peaks” revival continues to perplex and intrigue audiences, as more subplots and characters are introduced. Here are the top five most exciting, head-scratching, and disturbing moments from “Part Six.”

DOUGIE HAS A VISION: Picking up right where “Part Five” left off, Dougie Jones (Kyle MacLachlan) is still standing outside that office building staring at a statue. Assuming he’s drunk, a helpful security guard takes him home. After tucking in Sonny Jim (Pierce Gagnon) and playing with his clapper lights, Janey-E (Naomi Watts) confronts Dougie with photos taken of him with the prostitute, Jade (Nafessa Williams). Unable to defend himself, he simply keeps repeating her name. Moments later, Janey-E receives a phone call from some men claiming Dougie owes them a lot of money. She says she’ll handle it and orders Dougie to start on the paperwork his boss (Don Murray) gave him. Now, here’s where things get weird (I know, right?): Dougie has a vision of Philip Gerrard (Al Strobel), a.k.a the one-armed man, talking to him from the Red Room. He tells Dougie that he needs to snap out of his stupor and become Agent Dale Cooper again, repeating the message “don’t die.” Specks of light appear on the files, and Dougie starts scribbling on them, drawing steps and ladders. When he presents the doodles to his boss, he’s at first perplexed, but then he makes a profound discovery within the pencil scratches.

Meanwhile, Janey-E is confronted by two hoods (Jeremy Davies and Ronnie Gene Blevins) to whom Dougie owes $20,000, which naturally has been conflated to $50,000 with compounded interest. Janey-E gives them a significant talking-down, saying she and Dougie can’t afford to pay that much because they drive bad cars and are apart of the 99%. She gives them half of what they want and sends them on their way, lamenting the dark, dark world we find ourselves in.

HEADS OR TAILS: Last week, we met a violent young bar patron named Richard Horne (Eamon Farren), who we can only assume is somehow connected to Benjamin Horne (Richard Beymer) and his daughter, Audrey (Sherilyn Fenn). This week, we learned he’s working for Red (Balthazar Getty), a drug dealer smuggling cocaine into Twin Peaks. Red doesn’t take too kindly to Richard’s attitude, and he flips a dime into the air that remains suspended for a while before landing in the kid’s mouth. Red then opens his hand to show Richard the dime, which he no longer has. Enraged, Richard speeds through town in his truck, running over a little boy. As the boy’s mother grieves, an old man (Harry Dean Stanton) sees an orb of light ascending into the sky.

DIANE: At the end of “Part Four,” FBI Director Gordon Cole (Lynch) sent Agent Albert Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer) to find a woman connected to Agent Cooper, and it turns out to be Diane (Laura Dern). That’s right, we finally get to meet the mysterious woman Dale was always talking to through his tape recorder. Albert tracks Diane down in a bar, and that’s all for now. But finally, we find out Diane isn’t just a figment of Cooper’s imagination.

MURDER SO FOUL: “Part Six” contained one of the most shockingly violent moments of the series thus far. Duncan Todd (Patrick Fischler) sends an envelope to Ike “The Spike” Stadtler (Christophe Zajac-Denek) containing two photos: one of Dougie Jones, and one of Lorraine (Tammy Baird), whom Duncan had previously hired to take out Dougie. The short in stature Ike then murders Lorraine in her office along with two others, driving a metal stake repeatedly into them in a bloody, horrifyingly graphic scene. And Dougie’s next on his list.

HAWK GOES HUNTING: Back in Twin Peaks, Deputy Hawk (Michael Horse) is still searching for clues into the disappearance of Dale Cooper. While in the sheriff’s department restroom, he drops a coin with the face of a Native American into one of the stalls, and while on the ground notices that the stall doors were made by “Nez Perce Manufacturing” – the Nez Perce, of course, being a Pacific Northwestern tribe. It’s just like the Log Lady (Catherine Coulson) said: the secret to Cooper’s disappearance has to do with Hawk’s heritage. He notices the door is slightly cracked, and upon prying it open, finds a note inside.

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