‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ recap: Top 5 moments from nostalgic ‘Part 4’ include David Lynch and Michael Cera

Twin Peaks” provided a great deal of fan service in “Part 4.” There were plenty of callbacks to the original series, including our first glimpse at David Duchovny’s transgender Agent Denise Bryson, now Chief of Staff of the FBI. But David Lynch doesn’t let the surreal narrative of this revival falter just because we get some cheer-worthy Easter eggs. Here are the five best moments from the fourth hour of the series.

Lancelot Court – Hot off his winning streak at the Silver Mustang Casino, Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) is driven home by the management’s limo driver. The only problem is that Cooper thinks he is in fact “Dougie Jones” thanks to a run-in with Dougie’s friends. So he is dropped off at the house with the red door on Lancelot Court, per their information. It cannot be a coincidence that Dougie lived in a house with a red door. Whoever manufactured that clone has to have some ties to the Red Room. Scarier still is when an owl screeches overhead right before Dougie’s wife (Naomi Watts) emerges to collect Cooper.

Twin Peaks P.D. – A glimpse inside the police department is filled with nostalgia and references. Fans get their first look at Sheriff Frank Truman (Robert Forster), playing the brother of the original series’s Harry Truman. Bobby Brooks (Dana Ashbrook) works as a deputy and is reduced to tears upon seeing Laura Palmer’s high school picture on the evidence table. But the best moment is Michael Cera’s hysterical turn as Wally, the now-grown son of Lucy and Andy. Doing his best Brando lisp, Cera’s character returns to Twin Peaks to “pay respect to my godfather.” A long monologue about his travels around the country leaves Sheriff Truman baffled and viewers in stitches. It’s a relief that “Twin Peaks” hasn’t lost its sense of humor with its leap to extreme surrealism.

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Visions of Red – The surreal is ever-present, however, especially at Dougie’s house. As a confused Cooper tries to make sense of how to dress himself in Dougie’s oversized clothing, a familiar figure appears inside the red chair in front of him. It’s the One Armed Man, searching for something inside the Red Room. “You were tricked” he tells Cooper as he displays the golden orb. “Now one of you must die.” If he is correct, it seems that Cooper will be the only person capable of defeating his Doppelgänger/Bob. His state has been borderline catatonic so far, but at the breakfast table he gets his first taste of coffee since returning to Earth. Hopefully his favorite beverage will be enough to jump-start his memory.

Old Friends – Gordon (Lynch) and Albert (Miguel Ferrer) travel to South Dakota to speak with a man they assume to be Cooper. Doppel-Cooper sits behind a glass window, looking quite Hannibal Lecter-esque in his cell. “It’s good to see you again, old friends,” the demon says, giving a strange thumbs up. Doppel-Cooper tells the agents that he had been working with Phillip Jeffries on an undercover mission, and was on his way back to the FBI. Gordon is confused but lets the prisoner know that they are working to bring him back home. In a disturbing final note, the doppelgänger simply replies “I never really left home.”

Something is Very Wrong – Doppel-Cooper’s story clearly doesn’t add up for the agents. Agent Tamara Preston (Chrysta Bell) notes that he was not headed east towards the agency when he crashed his car. Gordon has a gut instinct that something is wrong, saying “I don’t think he greeted me properly.” Concerns only grow when Albert reveals that he authorized Phillip to give information to Cooper years ago, regarding an agent in Colombia. Shortly thereafter that man turned up dead. Gordon remarks that they need one specific person to look in on Cooper. They don’t know where she lives but Gordon “knows where she drinks.” Viewers will have to wait until new episodes to find out the identity of this mystery woman.

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