‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ recap: Kyle MacLachlan does the Dougie in head-scratching ‘Part 3’

After spending the two-hour season premiere trapped in the Red Room, Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) has come back down to Earth. Well, sort of. The third episode of Showtime’s “Twin Peaks” retains the bizarre paranormal aspects of the premiere while slowly introducing some of the dry humor and antics from the original series. Here are the five most head-scratching moments of part three.

Where Is This? – The hour begins where the last one left off, with Cooper plummeting through space and landing in a strange purple-hued world. He enters the building beside him and is greeted by a woman with no eyes. Tin-foil conspiracy theory: the woman looks vaguely like an older version of Josie (Joan Chen). Are we inside the doorknob she was left trapped in 25 years ago? Okay, take off the tin foil. Her speech sounds like a scratched record and Cooper can’t understand her, but something is banging on the door trying to get in. She leads him up through a hatch in the ceiling and stands among the cosmos. After the woman electrifies herself for reasons unknown, the face of Garland Briggs (Don S. Davis) emerges among the stars to utter “Blue Rose.” This was the code-word used by the FBI for cases linked to the supernatural.

2:53 – When Cooper climbs back into the room, a large circuit board on the wall displays the number “3” when it had previously read “15.” A new woman is seated in the room, and her watch displays the time 2:53. The camera cuts back to Earth where 2:53 is also the time on Doppel-Cooper’s car dashboard. The doppelganger looks like he is going to vomit and loses control of his car. A hissing sound emerges from the car’s lighter, the same sort of hissing coming from the circuit board in the purple room. The real Cooper leans into the board and is sucked into the wall as Doppel-Cooper vomits and crashes his car.

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Dougie – If two Coopers aren’t enough for you, have a third! Dougie (played by MacLachlan in a ridiculous wig) is first seen with a prostitute in an empty home in South Dakota. He mentions that his arm is feeling strange, and the camera reveals that he is wearing the green Owl Cave Ring. Dougie soon vomits up … something disgusting and is sucked into the Red Room. “Someone manufactured you for a purpose,” the One Armed Man tells Dougie, “but now I think that purpose has been fulfilled.” Dougie is promptly turned into a golden orb and the One Armed Man reclaims the ring. Was Dougie another clone, created in order to help Cooper “trick” the system and escape the Red Room? If so, who created Dougie?

Call for Help – The real Cooper ends up being pushed through a power outlet in the South Dakota home, taking Dougie’s place. But something is definitely off, as Cooper has little grasp on language, mobility, or his memories. A key to the Great Northern Lodge room 315 is discovered in Cooper’s pocket, so hopefully that will jog his memory at some point. The prostitute drops him off at a casino, where an image of the Red Room appears in a flame above a slot machine. He puts in a coin and wins the grand prize. Cooper is too busy chasing this flame through the casino to claim his prize.

The FBI – Fans are treated to a delightful return appearance of agents Albert Rosenfield (the late Miguel Ferrer) and Gordon Cole (David Lynch) at the FBI headquarters in Philadelphia. They are studying the facility with the glass cube in New York. Images of the two mutilated victims are brought forth, and the cameras picked up a single image of the terrifying creature in the cube. Before they can discuss this new monster, a call comes in alerting them to Cooper’s existence. The agents set out for South Dakota to track down their old friend.

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