Vanessa Kirby (‘The Crown’) on her ‘dangerous, sexy, and cool’ romance with Matthew Goode in season 2 [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Vanessa Kirby returns in season two of “The Crown” for Netflix as Princess Margaret, the rebellious younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II. After the siblings clashed in season one over Margaret’s controversial romance with an older man, Peter Townsend, Kirby looked forward to “growing up with her this season and getting to go dark with her … She definitely feels like she becomes more of a woman,” the actress says, “and I think in a way this season was her attempt to find herself.” Margaret also finds herself in a new relationship, with Tony Armstrong-Jones, the man who would become her husband. Watch our exclusive video interview with Kirby above.

Played by Matthew Goode, Tony represents “the kind of passion and fever with which [Margaret] goes into everything,” says Kirby. “I’m with this man who’s this rogue, rebellious, elusive, bohemian photographer that’s very much ’60s London, and it’s not like my family. He loathes what I represent, and I find that dangerous and sexy and cool.”

But before her relationship with Tony, and even during that relationship, Margaret had a tumultuous life. “She was a rebel of her time,” Kirby explains. Far from the steady reserve of Elizabeth, “Margaret lives in extremes, so she’ll feel very ecstatic highs and very deep lows.” We see both of those extremes in season two, including some “dark nights of the soul” and a “melancholy dance” alone in her bedroom so intense Kirby “got whiplash from it the next day.”

But Kirby won’t be able to see Margaret through to the end. The characters in “The Crown” will be aged into the next period of their lives in season three as the show continues to chart the decades of the royal family. Kirby doesn’t know who will step into Margaret’s shoes next season, but “it’s going to be amazing for the next two actresses to play, and I’m so excited to talk to them about it. It’s so cool to be able to share it. And I can’t wait to see what they do. It’s only going to build and get better.”

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