‘Veep’ episode 3 recap: Corruption abounds as Selina spreads democracy in ‘Georgia’

After establishing Selina Meyer’s (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) strong desire to open a namesake library in its second episode, the sixth season of “Veep” continues with “Georgia,” in which Selina takes her first steps in further establishing her self-described “second act” of “spreading democracy like patient zero.” Below, let’s take a look at the Top 5 moments from “Veep” Season 6, Episode 3.

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The Gang’s All Here — Both Selina and Jonah (Timothy Simons) arrive in the country of Georgia with the common objective of ensuring a free and open election. The plot allows the series to reunite most of the ensemble for the first time in Season 6, including Selina’s team of Gary (Tony Hale), Mike (Matt Walsh) and Richard (Sam Richardson), and Jonah’s team of Ben (Kevin Dunn) and Kent (Gary Cole). All of the character beats in the scene harken back to the best of “Veep,” with Mike obliviously saying, “Maybe we can win an election for a change.” That’s much to the chagrin of Selina and Gary, with Kent speaking in esoteric German phrases and Selina unleashing a glorious take-down of Jonah in their first encounter since he botched his vote on her presidency in the House of Representatives: “I will destroy you in ways that are so creative they will honor me for it at the Kennedy Center.”

Abby, I Guess — In order to diffuse Buddy Calhoun’s (Matt Oberg) drunken political blunder, Amy (Anna Chlumsky) and Buddy appear on “CBS This Morning” for an interview with Dan (Reid Scott), who takes the opportunity to repeatedly air the dash cam footage of Buddy exposing himself to the highway patrolwoman. When asked to comment as Buddy’s campaign manager, Amy deflects the question saying she prefers her role as his fiance, curled up on the couch together eating popcorn and watching “Downton Abbey,” an obvious lie she reveals off-air when she tells Dan that her favorite character on the show is “Abby, I guess.” Buddy isn’t clued into Amy’s strategy, though, and at a campaign rally he officially withdraws his name from the race for governor thinking it’s what Amy wants him to do. Stunned, Amy disappears from the side of the stage when he calls on her to join him, leaving their future together as a couple in question. Elsewhere, Dan gets asked by Selina’s daughter Catherine (Sarah Sutherland) and her partner Marjorie (Clea DuVall) to donate his sperm so that they can try to get pregnant, which he happily agrees to do.

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Green Thumbs — A last minute addition to the trip, Mike arrives in Georgia without a reservation for a hotel room. Left to his own devices to resolve the issue, he accidentally ends up voting in the election, as evidenced by his green-dyed thumb. Going door to door visiting former colleagues for a place to stay, Mike finally stumbles upon the sympathetic Gary, who also accidentally voted while trying to find a terry cloth robe for Selina. The visual gag pays off repeatedly through the episode, with the two desperately trying to hide their tell-tale thumbs from Selina. Gary, in particular, has to perform all of his routine tasks with only one hand, like opening Selina’s water bottle and taking off her scarf with his mouth. Tony Hale nails the physical comedy, with much of the hilarity playing out in the background of scenes.

Competing Bribes — At the official reception at the palace of President Murman Shalikashvili, Selina’s diplomatic frenemy Minna Hakkinen (the delightfully blunt, recurring guest Sally Phillips) advocates for opposition party leader Professor Nikolai Genidze (Stephen Fry), who both she and Secretary of State Andrew Doyle (Phil Reeves) hope will win the election. Minna also warns Selina that Murman poisoned Genidze, causing him severe facial disfigurement that Selina finds altogether off-putting. Although Murman pulls Selina aside to offer her a $10 million “donation” to her library in a thinly veiled quid pro quo to help him stay in the seat of power, Nikolai later ups the ante with an offer of a $15 million donation. While Selina watches the election returns and discovers that voter corruption (including Gary and Mike’s) has run rampant despite her and Minna’s oversight, she decides to accept Murman’s increased offer of a $20 million donation because she concludes that a free and fair election in Georgia is a lost cause.

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Eat The Soup — From the very beginning of the series, Gary has always been emphatic about his dedication to Selina. His commitment to her gets tested in “Georgia” when Selina asks him to taste the soup served at Nikolai’s dinner party before she eats it for fear of it being poisoned. After admitting that he doesn’t want to try it, he nervously slurps a spoonful with a trembling hand, telling Selina that it’s “delicious.” With that affirmation, Selina goes to eat it, but seeing that it has carrots, she pushes the bowl away in disgust. It’s a short, funny scene that also goes a long way in testing and re-affirming the limits of Gary’s dedication to Selina.

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