Who do YOU miss the most on ‘Survivor: Game Changers’: Jeff, Sandra, J.T., Malcolm, Caleb, Tony or Ciera? [POLL]

Survivor: Game Changers” began with 20 former castaways returning for their chance to win the $1 million prize, but after last week’s emotional episode we are down to only 13 players. Of the seven ousted contestants who failed to make this week’s merge — Jeff Varner, Sandra Diaz-Twine, J.T. Thomas, Malcolm Freberg, Caleb Reynolds, Tony Vlachos and Ciera Eastin — who do YOU miss the most? Vote in our poll below, and then be sure to update your “Survivor 34” predictions in our weekly event.

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All seven castoffs chatted with Gold Derby immediately following their eliminations. See brief excerpts below and then click each link to be taken to our full “Survivor” exit interviews.

Jeff: “Trans people are beautiful, wonderful human beings who simply want to be their authentic selves. I have spent the last 10 months reliving this experience, unable to talk about it to anybody. Having this air was a beginning of healing, in a way.” FULL INTERVIEW

Sandra: “I had everyone on that new tribe shook. The only ones that were not scared of me were the damn chickens. My game speaks for itself and I don’t really have to argue about why I’m the queen.” FULL INTERVIEW

J.T.: “I obviously regret [not using my hidden immunity idol], but I really felt we were solid. Michaela was very abrasive for everybody and we were all in agreement even before we knew were going to tribal that Michaela was gonna have to go soon.” FULL INTERVIEW

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Malcolm: “Please keep watching the show! If you stop watching, they’re not gonna keep making it. And if they stop making it, I can never come back and win. So everybody needs to change their minds about that, really quickly.” FULL INTERVIEW

Caleb: “It stinks when you go play a show like ‘Big Brother’ and you last 93 days and then you go play ‘Survivor’ and you only last 18 days out of playing twice.” FULL INTERVIEW

Tony: “[Sandra] outwitted me. I respect game play. These people didn’t want to go against me, but they did it anyway. Do you know how much skill it takes to do that? To make you do something you really don’t want to do? That’s impressive.” FULL INTERVIEW

Ciera: “Obviously I’ve had some time now to get over it and reliving it sucked, but it is very hard. I wish I would have dedicated more time to Malcolm so he could feel secure with me. He definitely went in wanting me gone and he had an army of people to do it.” FULL INTERVIEW

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