‘World of Dance’ controversy: Did Kinjaz deserve to win Team Division Final against Swing Latino? [WATCH]

The “World of DanceDivision Finals on August 1 were certainly eventful. Les Twins defied a leg injury to earn the highest score of the season, and Eva Igo embraced her inner warrior princess. So it’s somewhat surprising that one of the most hotly debated contests was the Team Division Final between Kinjaz and Swing Latino. The judges acknowledged that Swing Latino gave a less polished performance, but they also seemed slightly underwhelmed by Kinjaz’s showmanship despite their meticulous technique. Watch the Kinjaz performance above and vote in our poll at the bottom of this post: Who really deserved to win?

Tastes differ, of course, and disagreements are inevitable when it comes to as subjective an art form as dance. In addition, Kinjaz and Swing Latino are so drastically different in their dance styles that it’s difficult to make direct comparisons. But some of the anger directed towards Swing Latino seems a bit, shall we say, extreme. As of this writing, two-thirds of the YouTube reactions are thumbs-downs.

YouTube user Christian Mendoza wrote, “This show is totally rigged because of J. Lo and her favorites.” Argued TheAmazingRem, “The only reason they’ve made it this far is because of favoritism.” Said jitlogs Jitlogs, “J. Lo is Latino and this team is Latino, of course she’s gonna pick this one. It’s her show.”

Who do you think deserved to win the Team Division Final? And regardless of your favorite, do you feel the responses to the Team Division champs are blown out of proportion? Vote in our poll below, and click here to make your predictions for the season finale: will Swing Latino, Les Twins, or Eva Igo win the $1 million grand prize?

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