‘World of Dance’: The judges got it wrong! Eva Igo should have won, according to fans

World of Dance” announced its season-one winner during its grand finale on Tuesday, August 8, but the judges got it wrong. 14-year-old Junior Division champion Eva Igo should have won, not Les Twins, the hip-hop duo that had won the Upper Division and were the highest scoring dancers of the season. That’s according to thousands of the show’s fans, who responded to our poll after the finale. Check out the complete results below.

Almost two-thirds of readers (64%) said Eva Igo should have won, compared to only 27% who felt Les Twins were the rightful winners. Another 2% thought Swing Latino deserved the title, while 7% thought the best dancer didn’t even make the finals.

In the finale episode, the three contenders performed twice, and the scores for both of their dances were averaged together to determine the winner. Les Twins earned the highest score in the first round of the competition, but then Igo roared back in the second round with a passionate performance that earned a higher score than any other dance that night (96.3). But it wasn’t enough to win. When all scores were averaged, Les Twins beat Igo by two-tenths of a point: 93.8 to 93.6.

Before the finale we asked readers who they were rooting for and the results were much closer, with half of our readers supporting Les Twins, so clearly the finale swayed fans towards Igo. But the finale didn’t sway the judges apparently. What do you think? Comment below, and join the discussion on this and more in our forums.

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