‘World of Dance’ finale: Eva Igo may have lost, but she still gave the best performance of the night [WATCH]

The French duo Les Twins won the $1 million grand prize at the end of the “World of Danceseason finale, but in an interesting turn of events it was Eva Igo who delivered the highest-scoring routine. All three finalists — Twins, Igo, and Swing Latino — performed twice in the final round of competition, and the average of those two scores decided the winner. Les Twins were the most consistent, and that clinched the title for them, but Igo’s second routine blew both Twins performances out of the water. Watch her above.

“That is more like it!” judge Jennifer Lopez exclaimed about Igo’s second performance. She thought it a considerable step up from the 14-year-old dancer’s first performance, whose choreography she felt was lacking. Derek Hough concurred, adding, “Way to come back! You are exceptional. You are a star.” And Ne-Yo told her, “There’s a ferociousness in you when you dance.” Igo scored 96.3 for that performance, with Hough giving the single highest score of the night (98). That average was almost two points higher than Les Twins’ best of the night (94.7). But when all the scores were averaged together the twins won by just two-tenths of a point (93.8 to 93.6).

What did you think of Igo’s routine? Do you agree with the judges that it was the best of the night? And do you think Igo really should have won the competition, or were Les Twins the rightful victors? Watch Igo’s performance above, and vote in our poll below to let us know if you agree with the “World of Dance” final results.

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