‘World of Dance’ finale recap: Who won the million dollar grand prize? Did the judges get it right?

Three acts competed in the finale of NBC’s “World of Dance” on Tuesday night, fighting for a $1 million prize and the title of World’s Best Dance Act. Division champs Les Twins (Upper), Eva Igo (Junior), and Swing Latino (Team) each took the stage twice while judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and Ne-Yo scored their performances. In the end, less than one point separated all three acts, but which one took home the biggest prize in dance history? Find out in our season one, episode 10 recap below.


Les Twins – Jennifer personally chose the song of their first performance, “Stole the Show,” hoping to see a more emotional performance from the duo. Dressed in matching red jackets, the brothers performed their entire routine within the confines of a small rotating platform. Once again their synchronicity and hard-hitting movements were the most impressive aspect of the routine, but I failed to see the emotion Jennifer was looking for. To me, this routine was their least impressive of the season, but the judges loved it as usual and gave them a score of 93.

Swing Latino – Derek chose the song for Swing Latino’s first performance, “Conga.” The Cuban pop hit by Gloria Estefan was a perfect selection for this Latin dance crew that never fails to bring a party to the stage. Dressed in glittering suits and short skirts, they performed a dazzling routine that was so dangerous most of the judges looked slightly panicked by the end. I’m not sure why this team has received so much criticism from viewers this season because I can’t keep the smile off my face whenever they perform. From the death drops, to the high-flying throws and lightning-quick footwork, this routine had it all. The judges gave them a score of 91.7.

Eva Igo – Ne-Yo chose “In the Air Tonight” for Eva’s first performance. Hoping to portray a more vulnerable side, Eva dressed in a flowing dress and performed within a backdrop of mountainous scenery. Each time she takes the stage she appears to grow in confidence, and tonight she looked fierce as ever while showing no sign of hesitation with each move. Her power, flexibility and tumbling abilities were all put to use in this performance that continued to prove she is the most captivating solo act of the season. Noting the performance was lacking in its choreography, the judges gave her a 91.


Eva Igo – After placing third in round one, Eva took her performance level even higher when she opened round two. Dressed in a simple orange leotard, she flew onto the stage on a rope before delivering her best routine of the season. One thing I love about Eva is that her face is always filled with emotion and she isn’t self-conscious about putting her whole body into her movements. At a couple of points she actually screamed with emotion, all while showing mind-blowing precision and moves we had never seen from her before. It’s difficult to believe this girl is only 14-years-old. Eva truly saved her best performance for last, scoring a 96.3.

Swing Latino – The Colombian dance crew went back to basics, performing in their signature pink and yellow colors for their second routine. This performance included a number of chairs that the members danced on, around, and even built into formations to jump from. These dancers literally risk their lives on the stage and although this performance focused slightly more on dance and less on tricks, it was still a marvel to watch. The judges preferred the cleanliness of this routine, but I personally thought their first performance was more fun. Their second round score was 94.7.

Les Twins – For their final performance Les Twins excited the crowd with the song “Scream” by Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. Starting the routine in front of mirrors, their cohesive movements were enhanced even further as it appeared like there were six of them rather than two. The duo then moved to the center of the stage where they gave their most energetic, fun performance in weeks. This pair has been rolling through the season with ease — and the last two weeks I didn’t think they deserved to win. This routine brought them back to the act we saw in the early rounds, which was a fun, cohesive duo with mind-blowing body control. Their second round score was a 94.7

After combining the average scores, it was Les Twins who won “World of Dance” with an overall score of 93.8 — but just barely. Eva Igo placed second with 93.6 and Swing Latino finished in third with an average score of 93.2. This concluded an exciting first season of the NBC reality competition that has had fans both cheering and ridiculing the judges’ decisions for weeks. Did your favorite win? Vote in our poll below and sound off in the comments!

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