‘World of Dance’: Should Keone & Mari have won Upper Division against injured Les Twins? [WATCH]

Les Twins should have been finished. Many reality contestants can attested to how devastating an injury or illness can be. But on “World of Dance,” the high-scoring French duo not only managed to perform despite a leg injury, they won their Division Final with the highest score of the season (97.7). But did they really deserve their high marks, or did the judges sympathize with their plight and give them extra points for their perseverance? Or both? Their Upper Division rivals Keone & Mari had no such impediments when they performed an ambitious routine inspired by classic musicals (watch above).

“You just make me feel good,” said judge Derek Hough. “You guys are so smart in your choreography. My only little critique if I were to add something in there was that little lift … was a little shaky.” But Ne-Yo disagreed: “I felt like the lift was really clean. Your power, your strength is your ability to tell a crystal clear story, and I applaud you for that.”

Jennifer Lopez commented, “As I was watching that, I was thinking, ‘This is like Fred and Ginger for a new generation.'” But Lopez only scored them a 90, while Hough gave them a 95 and Ne-Yo gave them a perfect 100. However, when they subsequently scored Les Twins, only one of the judges gave them higher marks. Hough declared it a draw with a score of 95. Ne-Yo scored Les Twins one point lower with 99. So it was Lopez’s score of 99 that made the difference, giving Les Twins an average of 97.7, which was enough to overtake Keone & Mari to advance to the world finals.

Do you think Keone & Mari were robbed? And who do you think deserves to win the world finals and take home the $1 million grand prize? Vote in our poll, and make your predictions for who will be the season one winner of “World of Dance.”

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