‘World of Dance’ season 2: Fans demand the right to vote, but that’s not what they want the most in 2018

World of Danceconcluded its first season on August 8 with the French duo Les Twins narrowly defeating 14-year-old prodigy Eva Igo for the million-dollar grand prize. That’s not the result most of our readers were hoping for, and many of the fans we polled are giving up on the show. But wait! Don’t give up so soon on season two, which will premiere in 2018. Fellow Gold Derby editor Rob Licuria and I recapped the show and proposed ways to improve it next year (watch above). We put those suggestions up to a vote, and now you can see the complete results at the bottom of this post.

Our readers’ favorite suggestion may surprise you. Almost a quarter of them (22%) say that the total scores should be hidden from the judges until the last dancer performs. If the judges are blind to how their fellow panelists score each contestant, there’s less opportunity for any one judge to strategically give out points to benefit one performer or other. There’s no evidence that the judges scored the dancers unfairly — it’s highly subjective — but suffice it to say that many fans of the show didn’t trust the judges to reach the right conclusions for the right reasons.

Fans are so suspicious of the judges that blind scoring was even more popular than viewer voting! But make no mistake, fans want that too: 19% of respondents say the audience should have a say in the winner, just like on other dance competition shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance.” But season one of “World of Dance” was taped before it aired, so it would have been impossible for viewers to weigh in. That could be remedied by the show going live next year, as 11% of our readers would like to see. Then there were 12% of fans who want more dancing and less filler, and finally 5% who think contestants should be grouped by dance style instead of by age and number of dancers.

Those numbers may seem modest, but you have to consider them in combination with the 28% of readers who voted that all of those changes should be put into effect. Only 3% of readers felt that none of the above recommendations were worthwhile, so get on it, “World of Dance” producers!

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