‘World of Dance’: Will you stop watching after that controversial ending? [POLL]

Will “World of Dance” lose viewers for crowning Les Twins as season-one champions? Several of our readers vowed never to watch the show again after the French duo narrowly defeated 14-year-old Eva Igo for the title at the end of the season finale. This comes after some fans of the show blasted judge Jennifer Lopez for being biased towards finalists Swing Latino, but now there are similar complaints being leveled against her for unfairly favoring Les Twins.

Do you agree? Check out some of the passionate comments below, and vote in our poll at the bottom of this post to let us know if you’ll stop watching the show or if you’re eager for more.

Colette: “Eva definitely should have won. Les Twins were scored too high. Even though I find them entertaining, I don’t believe it’s worth a million. J-Lo had her favorites and it almost felt rigged. I’m disappointed and doubt I will watch the show again in the future.”

Chris: “The judges made a huge mistake. Eva Igo should of walked away with the win. I’m so disappointed. I’m done with this.”

Leslie Parker: “Totally biased. After seeing how Ms. Lopez acted in pushing for the Twins all season, I am no longer a fan of hers, and will not waste my time on anything she is connected with. Maybe you need to add viewers voting to help make judging honest.”

Devashia: “In all honesty, I believe Eva should have won. I feel she has really progressed throughout the season and had an opportunity to challenge herself in the finale after being given her song choice. In my opinion, I think there may have been some bias towards the twins, but all in all both the twins and Eva had spectacular performances and congrats to the twins for their win!!!”

Ashley Lewis: “I screamed in anger and sadness when Les Twins’ winning score popped up. I have never been wrapped up in any talent or dance shows before but Eva Igo had me emotionally attached to the show and her. She was absolutely the best dancer and performance of the night and season. Disappointing end for me but everyone has an opinion.”

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