‘World of Dance’: Swing Latino won the Team Division Final, so why did some fans hate it? [WATCH]

The “World of DanceDivision Finals pitted Swing Latino against Kinjaz in the Team Division. The teams were evenly matched even though they couldn’t have been more stylistically different, and it was Swing Latino that won their division and advance to the million-dollar finale on August 8 where they will face fellow division champs Les Twins (Upper Division) and Eva Igo (Junior Division). But did this routine deserve to win? Many fans are up in arms.

Swing Latino scored an impressive 94.7, which was just enough to defeat Kinjaz with 92.3, and our writer Denton Davidson called them “one of my favorite acts of the season,” but tell that to YouTube. Their performance, which showed off myriad dance styles from across Latin America, is the most disliked routine from the Division Finals as of this writing based on YouTube users, some of whom accused Jennifer Lopez, who is of Puerto Rican heritage, of “favoritism.” Of course, this isn’t the first time someone claimed a Hispanic judge couldn’t be impartial, but enough about making America great again.

Despite the vitriol online, Swing Latino’s vibrant, unapologetic celebration of their wide-ranging cultural heritages earned them a spot in the season finale. What did you think of the Team Division Finals? Did Swing Latino deserve to win, or do you think Kinjaz were robbed? Comment below, and discuss this and more in our forums.

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