‘World of Dance’: Keone & Mari learned how to love in raw routine about healing their marriage [WATCH]

“We want to pick up the speed a little more in the intensity of our movement. I think that’s one side of us we haven’t shown yet,” said Keone Madrid, one half of the husband-and-wife dance duo Keone & Mari on NBC’s “World of Dance.” The pressure was on during The Cut on Tuesday, July 25, when they performed for a spot in the finals for the Upper Division. Keone added, “This story is about a particular time in our relationship last year — definitely the hardest time.” Watch their full performance above.

“We just had to relearn how to love each other,” said Mari Madrid. “You have to make the choice to love someone, not just once but every day.” Keone & Mari incorporated a prop for their performance — a long band tying their legs together — but it went over better with the judges than the prop used by Fik-Shun, who didn’t score high enough to make The Cut.

“What makes a true artist a true artist is their ability to be vulnerable and honest on the stage,” said guest judge Misty Copeland, “and you had me in that emotional state with you, and it was beautiful.” Ne-Yo added, “Every single time I watch you guys perform it makes me miss my wife.”

Jennifer Lopez raved, “When we really learn about life is when we fall and when we stumble. That’s when we grow. That’s when we get better. Very good job!” And Derek Hough concluded, “You are so intelligent with your movements. It’s like an art installation. You two are so special, not just because of your love for one another, but what you create together.”

Unsurprisingly the judges‘ scores matched their praise. Keone & Mari averaged 93.2 points, more than enough to earn them a spot in the division finals alongside French duo Les Twins. Do you agree that they were one of the top two acts of the night? Comment below, and joint he discussion on this and more in our forums.

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