Yael Grobglas on ‘Jane the Virgin’ Season 3: ‘It’s challenging, but it’s also incredible’ [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

“I know Petra at this point so well, and I think we all know our characters so well, that you can easily place yourself in their shoes and understand what they’re going through and understand what they’d be feeling,” admits Yael Grobglas during our webcam chat (watch the exclusive video above). The “Jane the Virgin” star plays Petra Solano who’s been busy raising twin girls on the CW hit series, and Grobglas is pulling double duty playing Petra’s twin Anezka. Grobglas says it may be a lot, but she wouldn’t have it any other way, “It’s challenging, but it’s also incredible. And it’s been a ton of fun.”

Not so fun was the departure of one of her co-stars on the series, Brett Dier. If you’ve been under a rock the past five months then you’ll be shocked to know Dier’s character Michael died on the series mid-way through the season, something Grobglas says was difficult on both a work and personal level. “Losing Brett as a cast member was devastating,” she reveals. “We learned about it over the hiatus, we had meetings with Jennie and I was sure I was getting killed off, but then finding out it was Brett was just as horrible as if it were myself. It was a long mourning process.”

The show took the bold step of flashing forward three years to help stabilize the aftermath of Michael’s passing. That leap brought something fans have been wanting to see for a while, a budding friendship with Jane (Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez) and Petra, which is also something Grobglas admits to having wanted. “It’s been wonderful. Every time we have a scene together after we hadn’t had one in a while we both are like, ‘Oh God this is so much fun.’ We ping-pong so well off each other … it’s great. I hope there’s a lot more to come.”

Thanks to her critically hailed performance as both Petra and Anezka, Grobglas has landed on several Comedy Supporting Actress Emmy dream lists throughout the show’s run, and she says if she’s nominated in real life she’ll likely submit an episode to voters where she shares the screen with herself. “For me personally I would submit one of those because as an actor it’s so interesting to play two characters,” she confesses. “You don’t understand before you do it how complicated it is to come to that scene where you don’t just get to play off one of your brilliant co-stars, you have to play off what you know you’re going to be doing as the other character.”

To find out more about what Grobglas thought of the major revelations of this past season, the difficulty of not just playing twins but raising twins on the show, and what she hopes becomes Petra’s happy ending on “Jane,” watch our interview above. Also watch our “Jane the Virgin” interviews with Gina Rodriguez, Brett Dier and creator Jennie Urman.

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