2018 BAFTA Awards: Stars walk red carpet in black in support of Time’s Up movement

The stars have now officially begun to properly pile out onto the red carpet at Royal Albert Hall as we count down for the BAFTAs to begin at 6:45 p.m. London time. They are all wearing black in support of the Time’s Up movement, following on from other precursor awards like the Golden Globes. We’re also seeing plenty of those Time’s Up badges pinned to the suits and gowns of the attendees arriving. And they all look rather grand.

Kristin Scott Thomas, a BAFTA favorite and Best Supporting Actress nominee for “Darkest Hour,” looks particularly regal in her black gown with white lapel trimming. “Three Billboards” duo Sam Rockwell (nominated for Best Supporting Actor) and Martin McDonagh (nominated for Picture, Director AND Original Screenplay) look the definition in gentlemanly in their tuxedos. McDonagh has elected to go all black with his suit – his top button is undone and his tie is loose, which I remember is how Quentin Tarantino wore his suit when he won his second Best Original screenplay Oscar for “Django Unchained.” Is that the go-to style for R -rated writer-directors, perhaps?

Best Actor nominee Gary Oldman has arrived and he looks as sharp as Winston Churchill‘s wit. His chunky black glasses and wisp of hair across his forehead make him look almost iconic. A BAFTA tonight and an Oscar in a couple of weeks will certainly help to cement his status as an icon.

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Naomie Harris, meanwhile, looks stunning. Her black gown is laced with golden patterns and jewels, her hair worn up. She really stands out and looks a million pounds. Or, a million dollars, for all those reading in America.

I’ve just spoken to a French filmmaker whose wife is up for Best Sound with “Baby Driver.” He was interested in my watching of the red carpet live stream as he wanted his sister in France to watch, too. I wished his wife good luck and, gentlemanly as ever, he thanks me and says the following: “It’s all very friendly – it’s a happy time enough for her to just be nominated. We actually know three of the other nominees so its all very happy and friendly. If she wins its great but if not, its still great!”

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That seems to be the mood of the evening here as nominees continue to greet each other and wish one another good luck as they mingle with fellow nominees and industry friends and acquaintances.

All those attendees down here in the Press Room bar-come-reception, who I now believe are all below-the-line nominees (sound, effects, editors etc), are now filtering out and heading upstairs for the ceremony to begin. The last of the stars are now exiting the red carpet, leaving behind a bunch of screaming, exuberant fans, to take their seats in the auditorium and await their fate.

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