2018 BAFTA TV Awards backstage report: Behind the scenes at British TV’s biggest night

While the 2018 BAFTA TV Awards ceremony kicked off at 7 p.m. in London, it didn’t start airing on the BBC until just after 8 local time (a technical glitch kept it off the air for two minutes). Perhaps nervous TV types spent that time editing host Sue Perkins, who swore three times in her opening monologue. This one-time host of “The Great British Bakeoff” has been pretty funny so far, taking swipes at producers and executives and throwing in some good ol’ self-deprecation (“you may know me for leaving one of the most successful TV shows ever made,” she says to roars of laughter).

The winners are being announced thick and fast here, though it’s still slow-going here at the Winners’ Press Conference, where Her Majesty’s Press (the official title, apparently) await with pens, laptops, recording devices and a salacious licking of the lips. The lack of star power, compared to last year at least, is being noted by journalists and BAFTA staff alike – with one writer proclaiming “this is why the Emmys are better.” Ouch.

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The BAFTAs have a knack of rewarding their own and so will often choose the lesser-known stars featured in more specifically-British shows rather than the bigger names seen in more famous shows. We like to reward the underdog over here in Blighty. We are the perennial underdogs, after all. If you need proof of that, wait until the 2018 World Cup in just over a month where we will undoubtedly struggle against every and any team we come up against. Some good, old fashioned British pessimism for you there.

The few winners who have ventured backstage so far, have been in joyous moods. There have been a couple of surprises so far, with one reality TV show (“Love Island”) now being able to boast the title of ‘BAFTA-winning,’ which is really quite jarring considering the caliber of its content.

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We have been told some rather disappointing news regarding the Best International category – not a single person from any of the nominated shows are in attendance tonight. No Moss, no Sarandon, no Lange, no Kidman, no Witherspoon. You might even say we are Withouterspoon. Sorry.

Anyhow, we’ve just had an acting winner enter the Winners’ Press Conference, someone who has been in a Best Picture Oscar winner, don’t you know? There’s some star power for you.

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