2018 ‘Big Brother’: Everything we know about #BB20 season, including first Head of Household and nominations for eviction

Big Brother” begins season 20 on CBS with a two-hour special on June 27 beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. Host Julie Chen will introduces us the 16 new houseguests and take us on a tour of the new set. She’ll also give us details of the three new challenges  that will “yield a game-changing power” as well as preview the “two unprecedented punishments.” And she’ll how this season’s twist — the BB App Store — will work.

The houseguests moved in last week and have been busy getting to know each other. They’ve already had their first Head of Household competition and the winner of that has nominated two of the other 15 houseguests for elimination. Scroll down if you want to find out who these three are in advance of Sunday’s show.

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We can confirm that there has been no movement in or out of the house (yet). That doesn’t mean that the rumors about the return of at least one past “Big Brother” houseguest aren’t true – just that this hasn’t happened yet.

Despite rumors to the contrary, no other houseguests, be they alumni of the show or brand-new to the franchise, have joined the 16 already in the house. And promises We’ll also learn more about this year’s twist, the BB App Store, which will go live on July 1 and allow viewers to help Houseguests obtain “power apps” to help win the game. 

Tyler Crispen has claimed the title of the first HoH. While this 23-year-old lifeguard readily admits to being ambitious, his plan had been to hold back until he was sure of his place in the house. In his pre-interview, he disclosed that his strategy for success on #BB20 was to divide the house in two, and then befriend someone on the opposing team who he’d keep with him till the final 4. We’re looking forward to seeing what happened that caused him to put himself forward so soon and to nominate Sam Bledsoe and Steve Arienta for eviction.

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Bledsoe is a 27-year-old who works as welder in her hometown of Stuarts Draft, VA. She describes herself as multifaceted, charming, and charismatic. And her favorite activities are all physical: making, building and creating things; fishing; swimming; kayaking; and dancing.

Airenta is a 40-year-old from Parsippany, NJ who now lives nearby in Wanaque where he just wrapped up a career as an undercover cop. He describes himself as stubborn, competitive, and funny. His favorite activities are not too physically demanding: fishing; playing golf; and motorcycle riding.

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