2018 Daytime Emmy reels: Hayley Erin (‘GH’) could win Younger Actress for playing a daughter in distress [WATCH]

The 2018 Daytime Emmy Awards will be presented on Sunday, April 29, but the winners in the drama acting categories have already been decided by blue ribbon panels that viewed sample performance reels. In the race for Best Younger Actress, Hayley Erin is nominated for her performance as Kiki Jerome on ABC’s “General Hospital,” a role she has played since 2015. Although this is Erin’s first nomination, she is no stranger to soap audiences, having previously played Abby Newman on “The Young and the Restless” from 2008 to 2010. Can Erin win with scenes dealing with her mother’s struggle to survive a horrible fire?

In the reel’s first scene Kiki is in a state of shock after her mother Ava (Best Actress nominee Maura West) has been horribly burned in a fire. Matters become complicated when the doctors inform Kiki that she may be forced to make decisions about her mother’s care. Kiki is given the opportunity to see her mother, but she refuses, still angry about Ava’s role in the death of Kiki’s ex-boyfriend Morgan.

Kiki shares her own feelings of guilt with Morgan’s father, Sonny Corinthos (Emmy-winner Maurice Benard). Despite Sonny’s assurances that Kiki is just as much Ava’s victim as Morgan, Kiki says that she can’t forgive Ava for her actions and still feels partly responsible for what Ava did. Later, Kiki tries to push her current boyfriend Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) away, but Dillon promises that he will stand by her side and encourages her to be there for her mother.

Kiki finally decides to visit Ava, but is shocked to find out that her mother — horribly scarred and in terrible pain — has signed a “do not resuscitate” order. Kiki begs her mother to reconsider, but a suffering and remorseful Ava refuses and apologizes to Kiki, both for hurting her and for her role in Morgan’s death.

Will Erin win Best Younger Actress with this performance against Reign Edwards (“The Bold and the Beautiful”), Cait Fairbanks (“The Young and the Restless”), Olivia Rose Keegan (“Days of Our Lives”) and Chloe Lanier (“GH”)? Let’s examine the pros and cons of her submission.


Erin gets to show a wide range of emotions as Kiki has to deal with both the anguish over her mother’s injuries as well as her own anger over her mother’s actions. When Kiki is discussing Ava’s treatment with the doctors, Erin nicely conveys Kiki’s attempts to maintain composure while clearly showing her character’s distress.

At over 13 minutes in length, Erin’s reel is the longest in the category. And because those thirteen minutes follow a single cohesive storyline, Erin has a greater opportunity to leave an impression on Emmy voters.

Erin more than holds her own against popular, Emmy-winning veterans like West and Benard, which could, in turn, earn her the respect of Emmy voters.

“GH” has eight wins in the Best Younger Actress category, including last year’s winner Lexi Ainsworth, and is tied with “The Young and the Restless” for the most wins in this category.


Erin’s character is more reactive than active throughout the submission, and as a result none of her scenes give her the kind of big emotional climax that tends to resonate with Emmy voters.

Emmy voters love moments of impact, but in this reel it is Maura West rather than Erin who delivers the most impactful moment: when Ava apologizes for her actions while wanting to die. Could West pull focus from Erin’s performance?

Despite the length of the reel, the scenes themselves are rather short, which limits Erin’s opportunities to show much range within a single scene.

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