2018 Daytime Emmy reels: Marla Adams (‘Y&R’) wants to make amends before her memory fades away [WATCH]

Will veteran actress Marla Adams win her first Daytime Emmy for playing Dina Mergeron on “The Young and the Restless”? She originally played the role from 1983-1987 and made infrequent return appearances in 1991, 1996, 2008 and now since May 2017. But despite being the matriarch of “Y&R’s” core Abbott family she was never nominated for an Emmy before now. Is she due for a win? The winners will be announced on April 29, but they’ve already been decided in the soap opera acting categories by blue ribbon panels that viewed sample performance reels. Watch Adams’s submission above.

Dina has a fraught relationship with her adult children because of the mistakes of her past. In her first scene she reminisces about singing to her kids. Her son Jack (Best Actor nominee Peter Bergman) remembers, but her daughter Ashley (Best Actress nominee Eileen Davidson) doesn’t, and Dina laments that Ashley “doesn’t remember the good times anymore because I caused you so much pain.” She sings with Jack and then cries over how poor her relationship with Ashley has been.

Their relationship gets worse in the next scene, after Dina mistakenly lets it slip at a public event that the man who raised Ashley wasn’t really her father after she had promised Ashley she would never tell. Then Dina confronts her younger companion Graham (Max Shippee), who has been trying to manipulate her out of her money as revenge for her breaking up his family: long ago Dina had an affair with Graham’s stepfather, who was Ashley’s real father. Dina plans to call her lawyer to write Graham out of her will, but she struggles with Graham for her phone and she suddenly collapses.

The following scene takes place much later, after Dina and Ashley have reconciled. They decide to go ice-skating during the holidays, and Dina reminds Ashley of a time Dina took her skating as a child. But when they return Dina has no memory of skating that day. Later, while decorating a Christmas tree with Jack Dina tells him, “I’m aware that my memory will come and go … When I become terribly difficult for you to handle I just want you to know that I love you, now and always.”

Will Adams win Best Supporting Actress with this performance against Camryn Grimes (“Y&R”), Susan Seaforth Hayes (“Days of Our Lives”), Elizabeth Hendrickson (“Y&R”), Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (“The Bold and the Beautiful”) and Mishael Morgan (“Y&R”)? Let’s consider the pros and cons.


Adams’s reel includes a number of scenes that cover a couple of different storylines, but the central theme of Dina reconciling with her children resonates throughout, creating a moving emotional arc from beginning to end.

Adams has scenes of significant emotional impact, especially her fight with Graham, her heartbroken breakdown over exposing Ashley’s secret, and quieter moments when we see her lingering guilt over how she has treated her children.

The reel also gives Adams significant emotional range, from sadness to anger to loving affection. And it has a payoff that leaves a lasting impression when she lets her son know she loves him while she still can.

Dina’s family has been central to “Y&R” for decades, so Adams’s historic connection to the show might especially compel voters to check off her name.


In the first half of the reel Dina and Ashley are at odds, but by the second half their relationship has already been repaired. The shift in their relationship may feel abrupt to voters who may wish to see a connective scene that shows their reconciliation.

All four “Y&R” pre-nominees for Best Supporting Actress earned Emmy nominations. So there’s ample support for the show in this category. But might those four women have split the vote? If so, that could open the door for MacInnes Wood, who was the only “B&B” pre-nominee, or Hayes, who was one of four “Days” pre-nominees but the only one who had enough support for an official nomination.

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