2018 Daytime Emmy reels: Rome Flynn (‘B&B’) defends his wife as she makes a heartbreaking decision [WATCH]

The 2018 Daytime Emmy Awards will be presented on Sunday, April 29, but the winners in the drama acting categories have already been decided by blue ribbon panels that viewed sample performance reels. In the race for Best Younger Actor, Rome Flynn has earned his first career Emmy nomination for his role as Zende Forrester on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Flynn joined the soap in 2015, and left the show in late 2017. Will Flynn’s submission help him win on his first try?

In the submission, Zende listens as his wife Nicole (Best Younger Actress nominee Reign Edwards) debates whether or not to sign the papers that will allow her sister Maya (Karla Mosley) and her husband Rick (Jacob Young) to adopt the baby that Nicole carried for them as a surrogate. Nicole has recently learned that she may not be able to have another child, so she wonders whether she will ever have another chance to be a mother. Zende is upset that Nicole has been listening to her domineering father Julius (Obba Babatunde), and says that he can’t raise a baby that is not his. Zende then confronts Julius over both his prejudice towards Maya, who is transgender, and for trying to influence Nicole to make the wrong choice.

Later the family is gathered as Nicole finally decides whether to sign the adoption papers. Julius reiterates that motherhood should be based on who gave birth to the child, but Zende responds that his adoptive mother is the one who gave him the life he has. Nicole asks Zende to tell her what to do, but he refuses. He says he will support her in whatever she decides, and that they will one day have the family they want.

Will Flynn win Best Younger Actor with this performance against Lucas Adams (“Days of Our Lives”), Tristan Lake Leabu (“The Young and the Restless”), Casey Moss (“Days”) and Hudson West (“General Hospital”)? Let’s examine the pros and cons of his submission.


Flynn commands the reel, with far more dialogue than any of his co-stars. Many of his scenes contain long monologues that give Flynn plenty of opportunity to showcase his talent.

Unlike some other submissions in this category, these scenes tell a complete story that is easily understandable to voters who may not have been previously familiar with it.

Flynn’s performance is sympathetic. In his scenes with Edwards he shows support and compassion, particularly when he says, “Baby, I got you.” And when he argues with Babatunde, we root for him not just as a husband trying to protect his wife, but a decent person standing up to Julius’s bigotry.


While Flynn’s performance is sympathetic, it lacks the emotional range of some of his competitors. Even in the scenes with Julius, Flynn’s anger is subdued rather than explosive. Might voters look to reward a more dynamic performance?

Flynn left the series in September and is the only nominee in this category who is no longer on his show. Could this hurt his chances with Emmy voters?

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