2018 Emmy reactions: Our readers LOVE Adina Porter & Regina King, but cry foul over ‘Twin Peaks’ and Cody Fern snubs

Some of the biggest surprises in the 2018 Emmy nominations, which were announced on July 12, were in the races for movies and miniseries. We thought “Twin Peaks” would clean up, but while it swept Creative Arts categories and earned top noms for its writing and directing, it was snubbed for Best Limited Series and in all acting categories — no Kyle MacLachlan or Laura Dern! Our forum posters were also shocked by the absence of Al Pacino (“Paterno”) for Best Movie/Mini Actor, and they’re up in arms over Evan Peters‘s latest snub for “American Horror Story: Cult.”

But there were bright rays of hope. Our derbyites appreciated the surprise nominations for Regina King (Best Movie/Mini Actress, “Seven Seconds”) and especially Adina Porter (“AHS: Cult”).

Read some of our forum posters’ reactions below and then be sure to join the discussion to give us your thoughts. And check out the complete list of nominations here.

Best Limited Series

Nominees: “The Alienist,” “The Assassination of Gianni Versace,” “Genius: Picasso,” “Godless,” “Patrick Melrose”

Sasha: “These are the laziest categories of them all … They just name-checked 99% of nominees. Absolutely appalling.”

Marco B: “No ‘Twin Peaks’ in limited series. And yet they nominate it in Directing and Writing. They aren’t just ignorant. They’re idiots.”

Awards Fanatic: “I am soooooo happy that ‘The Alienist’ got in!”

Philip: “I’m glad ‘Twin Peaks’ was snubbed. It wasn’t a limited series.”

dizzieblonde: “‘Versace’ definitely goes into the awards as heavy favorite, based on these nominations, I’d guess.”

Larry Young: “‘Twin Peaks’ is shocking, although they did randomly give David Lynch a directing nom, something that wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t him.”

24fanatic: “I think the nominations for Movie/Limited Series prove that the Emmys need to go back to a jury/tape-voting approach to making some of these nominations … It just seems like voters didn’t really watch very many limited series or TV movies this year… outside of ‘American Crime Story’ and ‘Godless.'”

Best TV Movie

Nominees: “Fahrenheit 451,” “Flint,” “Paterno,” “The Tale,” “USS Callister (Black Mirror)”

Andrew D: “I am so happy for the ‘Black Mirror’ noms and I hope it freaking wins them all.”

jacob121: “How does ‘Black Mirror’ miss for directing?”

AayaanUpadhyaya: “I warned you they would just name-check it because they’d think it would be a relevant nominee, without even having seen it. The name ‘Flint’ was enough.”

Best Movie/Mini Actor

Nominees: Antonio Banderas (“Genius: Picasso”), Darren Criss (“Versace”), Benedict Cumberbatch (“Patrick Melrose”), Jeff Daniels (“The Looming Tower”), John Legend (“Jesus Christ Superstar”), Jesse Plemons (“USS Callister”)

Marcus Snowden: “I feel stupid for not seeing Cumberbatch coming. The television academy loves the guy.”

Bee: “Evan Peters is … Nowhere to be found? They really don’t like anyone who is leading in [‘American Horror Story’] other than Paulson and Jessica Lange.”

Alex Meyer: “Three acting nominations for ‘Jesus Christ Superstar Live In Concert,’ wow. I didn’t think it would get any acting nominations at all.”

Larry Young: “I think the big surprise is no Al Pacino for ‘Paterno.'”

dizzieblonde: “The Best Actor category is clearly now between Criss and Cumberbatch.”

leothescorpio: “Only bummed about Jared Harris and Tobias Menzies getting snubbed for ‘The Terror.'”

Tyler: “How the hell do Pacino and Maclachlan get snubbed, Paulson and Porter get in, and Peters is STILL left out for being the best part of the season?!”

Best Movie/Mini Actress

Nominees: Jessica Biel (“The Sinner”), Laura Dern (“The Tale”), Michelle Dockery (“Godless”), Edie Falco (“Law and Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders”), Regina King (“Seven Seconds”), Sarah Paulson (“American Horror Story: Cult”)

Riley: Yikes, ‘The Tale’ is only [nominated for] Movie and Lead Actress.  Is Jessica Biel coming for that Emmy after all?

leothescorpio: “Yikes! Glad I took out ‘Howards End’ and Atwell a long time ago. They are simply not here for Starz. Regina King is winning.”

Sasha: “Jessica Biel for the win! … Regina King has become Meryl Streep of Emmys. They will nominate her for anything remotely baity. But where were they when she was giving the best performance of her career on ‘Southland’?!”

Best Movie/Mini Supporting Actor

Nominees: Jeff Daniels (“Godless”), Brandon Victor Dixon (“Jesus Christ Superstar”), John Leguizamo (“Waco”), Ricky Martin (“Versace”), Edgar Ramirez (“Versace”), Michael Stuhlbarg (“Looming Tower”), Finn Wittrock (“Versace”)

forwardswill: “Delighted about Finn Wittrock as I always thought he was the supporting standout and not Fern.”

Pulp: “They nominated three actors from ‘Gianni Versace’ but not Cody Fern, kind of stings.”

dizzieblonde: “I’m just a little sad that Cody Fern got snubbed, when Edgar, Ricky and Finn got in, but I guess there had to be a limit on the amount of names people ticked in that category.”

Best Movie/Mini Supporting Actress

Nominees: Sara Bareilles (“Jesus Christ Superstar”), Penelope Cruz (“Versace”), Judith Light (“Versace”), Adina Porter (“AHS: Cult”), Merritt Wever (“Godless”), Letitia Wright (“Black Museum: Black Mirror”)

forwardswill: “Adina Porter might be the surprise of the year.”

AayaanUpadhyaya: “Adina Porter is a f*cking Emmy nominee! I am crying! … I just realized they snubbed Lansbury. These cruel voters. I knew she was either winning or not getting in at all.”

boss: “Wrong season for Adina Porter. Where were they last year?!”

VeraDoyle: “OMG, just realized: no Angela Lansbury or Laura Dern. I wouldn’t mind a Letitia Wright, Adina Porter or Merrit Weaver win … Adina Porter was extremely overdue! She was Emmy-worthy in both ‘True Blood’ and ‘Roanoke.’ Her nomination is amazing!”

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