2018 Golden Globes live blog: Let’s dish the best, worst and craziest moments


Film Drama — “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”

AMANDA SPEARS: After losing to Madonna (“Evita,” 1996) McDormand gets her first Globe in the MOST competitive category of the evening!

Film Drama Actress — Frances McDormand

AMANDA SPEARS: Oldman becomes the second actor to win for playing Churchill and first on the film side. Albert Finney won for “The Gathering Storm” (2003).

ANDREW CARDEN: If Gary Oldman could triumph here, after his jabbing at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, he’s more or less a shoo-in for that Oscar.

Film Drama Actor — Gary Oldman “Darkest Hour”

MATT NOBLE: After a disappointing start losing screenplay and supporting actress a deserved rally for Lady Bird with 2 wins!

AMANDA SPEARS: On the film side the Golden Globes are back to spreading the wealth around.

Film Comedy/Musical — “Lady Bird”

“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” clip — presented by Salma Hayek

“Call Me by Your Name” clip — presented by Dakota Johnson

Film Comedy/Musical Actress —  Saoirse Ronan “Lady Bird”

ROB LICURIA: “Big Little Lies” would have still swept the field if it was more accurately submitted as a Drama Series. Just sayin’…

TV Movie/Limited Series — “Big Little Lies”

CHARLES BRIGHT: I know I’m a bit late to this since I’m monitoring the messeage boards but, (A), I can’t believe I switched away from Aziz at the last minute and bought all that Eric McCormack crap and, (B), Oprah was at her most OPRAH!!!! tonight and I LOVED IT!!!

“Lady Bird” clip — presented by Greta Gerwig

MATT NOBLE: Savage and deserved take down of an all male director lineup by Portman.

SAM ECKMANN: Best Shade of The Night goes to: Natalie Portman, following up Oprah’s epic speech by introducing “all the male nominees” for Best Director.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Gutsy and brilliant move after Oprah’s speech about gender and equality for presenter Natalie Portman to call out the “all male” nominees for Best Director.

AMANDA SPEARS: Good for you Natalie! Good for you!

Film Director — Guillermo del Toro “The Shape of Water”

TONY RUIZ: Oprah!!!! She brings the audience to its feet—TWICE!!! Can she just come back to daily television so we can have nice things again?

AMANDA SPEARS: Brava! Simply Perfection!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Oprah Winfrey is giving Meryl Streep’s 2017 speech a run for her money. Of all the celebrities America could have elected president …

Cecil B. DeMille Award to Oprah Winfrey — presented by Reese Witherspoon

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: And “Will & Grace” is now 0-for-29. I wonder why they bothered nominating it again after all these years just to add to its losing streak.

ANDREW CARDEN: And with that, “Will & Grace” is now 0-for-29 at the Golden Globes.

AMANDA SPEARS: Ansari that was a great burn! 

TV Comedy Actor — Aziz Ansari “Master of None”

TONY RUIZ: I love Amy Sherman Palladino, but why is she dressed like she’s auditioning for a role in a Bob Fosse revue?

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Hooray for Amy Sherman-Palladino. This is definitely an acceptance speech by the woman who created Lorelai Gilmore.

AMANDA SPEARS: Proof if you wish for something hard enough for YEARS then it will eventually happen! Next Lauren Graham!

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Seth Meyers had an amazing monologue, but he’s been virtually absent ever since. Is the show running so long that they’ve had to cut all his bits?

TV Comedy Series —  “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”

“Get Out” clip — presented by Halle Berry

ZACH LAWS: Dougie Jones got robbed.

AMANDA SPEARS: Cut to Frances McDormand!!!

TV Movie/Limited Series Actor — Ewan McGregor “Fargo”

AMANDA SPEARS: Was Hugh Grant in “Dunkirk” Their were so many people I cannot remember or was Harry Styles not available to introduce the film?

“Dunkirk” clip — presented by Hugh Grant

Foreign Language Film —”In the Fade” Germany/France

ANDREW CARDEN: With Sarah and Hugh, we at last have the “Did You Hear About the Morgans” reunion we’ve all been waiting for!

Film Screenplay —  “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” Martin McDonagh

ROB LICURIA: Woah, first surprise of the night! Allison Janney takes down Laurie Metcalf. Did the HFPA just not love “Lady Bird”? Or did Allison’s great performance just knock them out?

AMANDA SPEARS: What’s better than losing five times on the TV Side then finally winning for a Film!!

ZACH LAWS: Hate to brag, but I totally predicted Allison Janney would win.

Film Supporting Actress — Allison Janney “I, Tonya”

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: The show is halfway over, and Gold Derby’s odds are 100% on the TV side. That means if you just copied the frontrunners in all of the TV categories, you have a perfect score right now!

Dwayne Johnson introduces Golden Globe Ambassador Simone Garcia Johnson

ROB LICURIA: Hooray, “The LEGO Batman Movie” won Best Animated Featu….. wait, what? It wasn’t even nominated?

Animated Film — “Coco”

“I, Tonya” clip — presented by Allison Janney, Sebastian Stan

AMANDA SPEARS: Okay their rubber-stamping the Emmys. That’s not original at all. 

TV Supporting Actress —  Laura Dern “Big Little Lies”

ANDREW CARDEN: Ahem…no standing ovation for Shirley MacLaine?!

AMANDA SPEARS: Even with a piece of paper Franco NAILED his Oscar Audition. Gary Oldman and Timothee Chalamet take notice!!!

ROB LICURIA: So Tommy Wiseau made a crappy movie. Do we need to cheer him on like he’s the second coming?

Film Comedy/Musical Actor — James Franco “The Disaster Artist”

“The Shape of Water” clip — presented by Octavia Spencer

Film Original Song — “This Is Me” from “The Greatest Showman” Benj Pasek and Justin Paul

Film Original Score — “The Shape of Water” Alexandre Desplat

AMANDA SPEARS: It felt like a missed opportunity to speak about domestic violence from Skarsgard.

TV Supporting Actor —  Alexander Skarsgard “Big Little Lies”

“The Disaster Artist” clip — presented by Seth Rogen

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Good news for everyone who predicted the Golden Globes: if you simply copied all the Emmy winners, you got a great score! I, of course, thought the Globes would go their own way and so my score is going to be awful.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: I always love watching the TV winners try to find their way to the stage from all the way in the back of the room. You need a Sherpa to find the stage from back there.

TV Drama Series — “The Handmaid’s Tale”

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Another great acceptance speech by Sterling K. Brown. Let’s just keep giving him awards until he runs out of good speeches. Might never happen.

TONY RUIZ: At least the Globes let Sterling K. Brown finish. Thank God!

AMANDA SPEARS: The crowd has been really enthusiastic tonight.

ANDREW CARDEN: Someday, Bob Odenkirk and Liev Schreiber, you’ll finally win one of these things. Someday.

TV Drama Actor — Sterling K. Brown “This Is Us”

“The Post” clip — presented by Sarah Paulson

HFPA president

TV Drama Actress– Elisabeth Moss “The Handmaid’s Tale”

TV Comedy Actress– Rachel Brosnahan “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

TONY RUIZ: I love how they’re talking about “The Greatest Showman” like it’s an actual biography of PT Barnum.

“The Greatest Showman” clip — presented by Zac Efron

AMANDA SPEARS: When the Globes are over I’m going to write a thousand times, “I will not make last minute changes!”

Film Supporting Actor– Sam Rockwell “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”

ANDREW CARDEN: Love Nicole but how I wish Jessica and/or Susan would triumph somewhere!

TV Movie/Limited Series Actress — Nicole Kidman “Big Little Lies’

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: So glad Seth Meyers did a “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell” segment with celebs in the audience. This was exactly the bit I was hoping he would do.

AMANDA SPEARS: Seth Meyers is at a career best tonight!!

ANDREW CARDEN: Seth Meyers is in FABULOUS form tonight – a perfect fit for the occasion.

Opening Monologue

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