2019 Golden Globe TV nominations forum reactions: Hurray for ‘The Good Place’ bids but what about Ted Danson?

Our forum posters, many of whom are Hollywood insiders, chimed in with their cheers and jeers for the Golden Globe TV nominations, taking the good with the bad when it came to these 14 categories. They were thrilled by the recognition for “The Good Place” and one of its stars, Kristen Bell, but were outraged that the HFPA snubbed  the other, Ted Danson. Likewise, they were dismayed about the shut-outs of “This Is Us” and “The Haunting of Hill House.” (See the full list of nominations.)

Find a sample of forum reactions below. Jump in if you dare:

Best TV Drama Series:

HappyLittleWorkingSong: “Maybe if Hill House misses Drama ensemble at SAG, Netflix will realize that they need to put it in limited, where it has a much stronger chance at nominations.”

Luca Giliberti: “The omission of Hill House is ridiculous, like seriously. SAG, please rescue us.”

Best TV Comedy/Musical Series:

WildforFilm: “Very happy for The Kominsky Method, as I just watched it the other day and thought it was a great little show that focuses on topics and a generation that are often forgotten on TV. Sad and disappointed for Milo Ventimiglia, absolutely deserves a nomination for This Is Us. All the people praises its snubs obviously don’t actually watch the show, but just love to hate on it.”

Diet Teradax: “I’m just here to root for The Good Place in Series and for Kristen Bell. Hopefully they can pull off the same 2 for 2 sweep that Atlanta and Mrs. Maisel were able to do the past couple years. I know The Good Place isn’t a new show, but it feels new to a lot of people including evidently HFPA voters, so I wouldn’t consider that out of the realm of possibility.”

Best Limited Series:

BenitoDelicias: “I just realized Maniac got completely snubbed. That’s extremely shocking. One of the biggest shocks in these jdj20!fjf years watching the Globes. I mean did they really like The Tourist or that Julia Roberts/Clive Owen film? Of course not. So why snub Maniac even if they didn’t like it? Are The Globes pretending to have some sort of dignity? Also, did Kristen Bell FINALLY get a nomination at a televised and “important” awards show?”

Best TV Drama Actor:

ginnala: “And I called Billy Porter for Pose!”

methaddiction: “I feel bad for Milo Ventimiglia.”

SEE 2019 Golden Globe nominees by TV show and network

Best TV Drama Actress:

forwardswill: “I’m baffled at how Balfe continues to hang on in spite of the HFPA’s usual happiness to move on from people quickly. She’s a great actress though so can’t complain.”

boss: “Poor Jodie Comer”

Best TV Comedy/Musical Actor:

AayaanUpadhyaya: “How does Danson miss out when Good Place gets Comedy Series and Bell? I guess the Bergen and Messing nominations indicate Bell was lucky to be in a weak category.”

OrganicDamage: “Sascha Baron Cohen? How is that show even eligible? Even if it is, why would he be nominated for it? I think he would make a good host for the ceremony, but an acting award seems like a stretch.”

Best TV Comedy/Musical Actress:

Marcus Snowden (The Artist Formerly Known as msnowden1): “Debra Messing FTW!”

Guest2018: “*sigh of relief*. Her fans have waited for this day for THIRTEEN FORKING YEARS. FINALLY. Kristen Bell, Golden Globe nominee.”

Best Movie/Mini Actor:

Eden: “The other day took out Banderas with excellent odds. Oh well.”

Best Movie/Mini Actress:

Minnie511: “Connie Britton!!!”

Vicennn: “Was Emma Stone snubbed?”

Best TV Supporting Actor:

vinny: “Only real surprise to me was Culkin and No This Is Us, which is kinda bs but overall kinda what I expected.”

Eden: “I love seeing Culkin nominated, but it’s either a name-check or he campaigned hard. If they watched the show, he wouldn’t have been the only nomination.”

Best TV Supporting Actress:

EmmyWinner: “Yes Yvonne!”

Atypical: “I would have made room for Eliza Scanlen, possibly over Patricia Clarkson. Extremely sad that Milo missed out. He’s doing series-best work on “This Is Us” right now, and the series also earned its placement in Drama Series.”

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