A ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ salty kerfuffle breaks out between lady chefs in this exclusive clip from this week’s episode

As usual, Gold Derby is serving up an exclusive “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 18 preview clip of this week’s Episode 6, “Hot Potato,” that will air on Fox at 9 p.m. ET/PT Friday. Last week, the Veterans vs. Rookies format was declared null and void by Chef Gordon Ramsay, replaced by a Blue Team of all women and a Red Team  completely of men. The ladies were a little shaky during the dinner service as Gizzy Barton lost her lamb-chop  mojo until Ramsay gave her a pep talk. But the men were a mess when it came to the fish and meat stations, which led to the Red Team losing one of its best cooks, Kevin Cottle, when he was sent home.

But as last week’s so-called “heart-breaking” preview teased, the budding “womance”  between two of  this season’s all-star mainstays, Heather Williams and T Gregoire, is endangered when they butt heads over this week’s dinner service and blame each other in the clip for having numerous filets sent back to the kitchen. Somehow, Kanae Houston is dragged into it as well. If angry women making nasty accusations at one another as the “bleep” sound effect goes into overdrive is a trigger for you, you might want don earmuffs at some point.

Alas, what this  video does not address is why Ramsay appeared to be feeling woozy over the dysfunction in the Blue Team’s kitchen. I guess we will just have to watch the upcoming episode to see just what is cooking with he who is often named on “Hell’s Kitchen” this week.

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