‘A Star Is’ torn: Readers divided over the film’s categorization at the Golden Globes

It wasn’t on “The Martian” scale of “LOL WTF” when Warner Bros. opted to submit “A Star Is Born” in drama instead of comedy/musical at the Golden Globes, but it did start a heated debate: Where should it go? Is it a drama? Or a musical? (It definitely isn’t a comedy.) In a recent poll, our readers were almost evenly split, with 56 percent believing the film should be in comedy/musical and 44 percent declaring it a drama.

If the Hollywood Foreign Press Association rejects Warner Bros.’ submission, then “A Star Is Born” will compete in comedy/musical just like the 1954 and 1976 versions did; those films won multiple Globes, including acting prizes for Judy Garland, James Mason, Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.

“It’s definitely a musical,” user na digga wrote. “I can’t see the globes not placing ‘star is born’ and ‘the favorite’ [sic] in comedy/musical because it makes no sense for either to be in drama.”

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Or does it? The 1937 original “A Star Is Born” was not a musical, but a straight-up romantic drama. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga‘sversion features music, but it’s all diegetic because it’s a film about musicians writing and performing music. Traditional musicals have non-diegetic songs that don’t exist as part of the film’s narrative; the performance numbers are just there for audience entertainment. “Just because its about the music industry it is not a musical,” user RicosMama said. “‘La La Land’ was a musical. ‘Chicago’ was a musical. ‘Les Mes’ was a musical. How in the hell is this a musical?”

User Calvin Damon agrees “A Star Is Born” is in “no way” a musical and suggests the HFPA tweak the genre category, which is officially “Musical or Comedy.”

“It made sense in the early days of the Globes when musicals were a lot more popular and were typically much more bombastic and upbeat, but nowadays when we’re lucky to get two musicals in a year and half of the musicals we do get are depressing as hell, maybe it’s time to drop the musical half of comedy/musical and just separate movies into dramas and comedies,” he wrote. “That still comes with its own problems, but it makes way more sense.”

The Golden Globes submission deadline is Oct. 31, so the final ruling on “A Star Is Born”‘s placement will come after that.

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