Aaron Crow nearly kills Simon Cowell live on ‘America’s Got Talent’ after knife trick goes wrong [WATCH]

Danger act Aaron Crow returned to “America’s Got Talent” 2018 this week to perform live from the Dolby Theatre in the Quarterfinals 3 episode. The last time he performed he shot an apple off of Heidi Klum‘s head, but this time around he put Simon Cowell in his cross hairs and nearly killed him when his knife trick went wrong. Watch the “Americas Got Talent” performance video above, read the judges’ comments below, and make your predictions for which seven acts will advance to the Semifinals.

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To recap, Aaron asked Howie Mandel to mix up four red boxes, one of which contained a knife blade pointing upward. Howie then chose which two boxes Aaron should smash his hand down onto by slamming a large hammer onto a pillar. Howie got the first two right, but then Aaron pulled up Simon from the judges’ table for the final act. After Howie chose the red box on the left, Simon was about to slam his hand down when Aaron stopped him and made him smash his hand onto the other box. You see, Howie had actually chosen the box with the knife in it, so Simon would have cut his own hand had Aaron not stepped in to save him.

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Mel B: “I didn’t see the ending so I don’t know quite happened, but I do adore you. I love your presence, but for me it just took too long. The whole thing was too long.”

Heidi: “Aaron, I am a fan of yours and I did love you slicing the pineapple off Howie and I loved you shooting the apple off my head. Tonight’s for me also it wasn’t as thrilling. And I agree with Mel, it was a little long.”

Simon: “Well, I actually do value my hand. The fact that [Mel] buzzed him nearly put him off. And you, Howie, if we had gone on your crash I would now have a hole in my hand. Thank you, Aaron, for saving me.”

Howie: “I’m just — I think I was amazing.”

In his “AGT” live blog our recapper John Benutty had this to say about the performance: “After using Howie and Heidi in previous rounds, which judge did Aaron Crow ask to assist him in his thrilling and dangerous act tonight? Somehow Mel and Simon got off easy because it was Howie that took the stage again! But Howie was not in any danger himself because the act consisted of a knife being hidden in one of four boxes and then switched around in a variety of ways with Howie selecting a box one-by-one as Aaron smashed each choice with just his hand. After two successful smashes, Aaron pulled a fast one on Simon and beckoned him to the stage to smash one of the final boxes. Amazingly the box that Howie asked Simon to smash was the one with the knife in it, but Aaron, knowing he selected wrong, stopped him from smashing it and smashed the other instead! Ultimately, as non-participants, both Mel and Heidi thought the performance was slow and drawn-out while both the guys who had been on stage thought it was amazing. I have to say I side with the girls on this one–way too long!”

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