Danger act Aaron Crow nearly kills Howie Mandel (again) during ‘America’s Got Talent’ Semifinals [WATCH]

Danger act Aaron Crow returned to “America’s Got Talent” during Tuesday’s Semifinals 2 episode and decided once again to torture judge Howie Mandel. As you may recall, back in his original “AGT” audition Aaron blindfolded himself and then swung a sword at a pineapple on Howie’s head. This time around he put Howie in a box and then had the other three judges choose boxes at random to destroy. Howie was safely inside of the box that was not chosen, so he survived … this time. Watch the “Americas Got Talent” video above, read the judges’ comments below, and then make your predictions before Wednesday’s results show.

Simon Cowell: “Do you know what? I’m slightly disappointed at the ending. No, because we would have gotten a ratings spike, but then I would have lost a friend, so I’m sort of mixed here. Howie, I think you owe me a thank-you. I saved your life because I chose the right one and therefore otherwise you’d be crushed and flattened. Aaron, you know what? You’re a great entertainer. Every time you do something different. You’re a great showman. It was a great act. Congratulations.”

Mel B: “I really enjoyed this. You kept it moving, which before you took your time a little bit too much. I liked the whole concept of us choosing numbers and not knowing what was gonna happen and then the boxes splitting open. And the fact that [Howie] keeps on saying yes to join in is just brilliant. I really, really enjoyed this, Aaron. Really enjoyed it.”

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Heidi Klum: “Aaron, I mean, I think you’re very handsome and all but every time I see you again I get really, really scared. It’s like this big black cloud over your head of like danger and suspense and I love it. And I’m happy we didn’t kill [Howie].”

Howie could not critique the act because he was in the box the whole time, but host Tyra Banks showed us all a replay of Howie’s hilarious reaction when his box was smashed.

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In his “AGT” live blog, our recapper Denton Davidson had this to say about the performance: “After so much singing tonight, I’m actually excited for danger act Aaron Crow to show us something different. The silent, mysterious smizer appears to have been pondering all week over which judge to torment next. It looks like Howie is missing, which can’t be a good sign for him! Aaron holds up four blocks with the numbers 1-4 on them. Then we see four larger boxes with the same numbers on stage and a hidden cam of Howie in ONE of them. Heidi shuffles the numbers face down and then her and Mel each choose one for him to pick up with his ax. He heads on stage and obliterates the two large boxes that could potentially hold Howie inside. With just two boxes remaining, it’s up to Simon to make the final choice. Will Howie live or die? Simon makes his choice and Aaron chooses the OTHER number to obliterate. LAME. Had Simon chose the other one, he probably would have just switched it up. Send him home.”

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