Nerve-wracking! Abby Cates sings Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Because of You’ during ‘The Voice’ knockouts in front of Kelly herself [WATCH]

During Tuesday’s episode of “The Voice,” Kelly Clarkson paired up teenage singers Abby Cates and Claire DeJean in the latest knockout round of Season 15. Abby made the nerve-wracking decision to sing Kelly’s “Because of You” in front of Kelly herself while Claire performed Shawn Mendez‘s “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back.” While both young artists did a good job, Abby was clearly the favorite and so Kelly chose to advance her to the live playoffs. Watch Abby’s “The Voice” video above and read the coaches’ comments below.

“I think you do, in this competition, fill a similar vein,” Kelly told both of her aspiring singers before revealing her strategy. “And having done this last season, I know that I can really only move forward with one. I don’t want y’all to split the vote on each other. So I’m just gonna weigh in everything that you’ve shown me. The winner of this knockout, taking all performances in account, is Abby.”

Backstage, Abby had tears running down her face as she readily admitted, “I’m just a roller coaster of emotions right now. I’m so excited to go to the live playoffs!” Kelly then further explained her choice, saying, “Abby and Claire, they’re both equally as talented, but this a very big stage and it’s a lot of pressure. So I just went with my gut and who I felt like might be more ready for this opportunity.”

In his “The Voice” live blog, our recapper Denton Davidson had this to say about the knockout: “We continue the episode halfway through Claire’s performance. It’s shaky, off-key and boring. Sorry! It’s sort of a train wreck. I’m guessing Abby’s will be stronger considering they went straight to commercial break so we can come back for her full performance. Abby begins slowly before eventually showing off her powerful belts. She intricately weaved in and out between intimacy and strength and was the CLEAR winner of this Knockout. It’s not even close.”

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