Amber Nash (‘Archer’) reveals ‘Danger Island’ is a ‘return to Archer screwing around’ [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

As “Archer” approaches the start of its ninth season, Amber Nash, who voices Pamela Poovey on the program, confirms that the new season, titled “Archer: Danger Island,” will be returning to its sillier side. Nash understands that not everyone was into what the show did last year with “Archer: Dreamland” but likes the new direction the show goes in. “It’s sort of a mix of ‘Tale Spin,’ ‘Gilligan’s Isand’ and ‘Archer’ put together,” she reveals in our recent interview (watch the exclusive video above).

These adventurous new seasons stem from the end of season seven, which saw main character Sterling Archer floating unconscious in a pool after being shot. With Archer in a coma at the beginning of the eighth season, last year’s episodes were a dream that took place in Archer’s head where he imagined himself as a private detective in 1947 Los Angeles, with Pam as a male LAPD detective named “Poovey.” Nash loved voicing a new version of Pam saying, “It’s cool to play something different and come at a character from a different angle.”

Because Archer is still in a coma, the new episodes see the shows characters transported to the South Pacific in 1939 featuring Sterling as an alcoholic seaplane pilot. Nash explains that in this version of the show, Pam will be “Archer’s personal Chewbacca,” serving as his co-pilot and sidekick.

The newest take on Pam is just the latest craziness that Nash, who is submitting for the Best Character Voice-Over Emmy this year, has gotten to experience in voicing the character. Pam started as the human resources director for the show’s spy agency, ISIS, but as her character was more deeply explored, many darker layers of Pam came into focus. She’s worked as a field agent, been an underground fighter, drag raced with the Yakuza and been hilariously addicted to cocaine. “Pam is such a bad-ass that I can’t imagine that I was as cool as Pam is,” Nash reflects on her character’s depth.

But above everything, Nash really loves the lines that Pam gets to say. While she does have a fondness for fan favorites such as “Holy sh** snacks!” and “Sploosh,” Nash also has a soft spot for lines that some may not instantly remember. “Some of my favorites are lesser known ones. Like there’s a scene where Pam is walking by Cheryl’s desk and Pam just says to Cheryl, ‘Hey there neck bones!’ Some of the smaller ones I really enjoy at this point.”

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