‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ season finale was ‘amazing,’ say 58% of readers: ‘I didn’t want it to end!’ [POLL RESULTS]

The season finale of “American Horror Story: Apocalypse,” which depicted the final battle between the witches and the antichrist, has been called “amazing” by 58% of readers who voted in our recent poll. “I didn’t want it to end!” raved the majority of viewers about the Season 8 ender, which aired Wednesday, November 14 on FX. Rounding out the results of our poll, 25% said that it was “okay” while the remaining 17% declared it to be “dreadful.”

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In case you missed it, “Apocalypse” ended by young witch Mallory (Billie Lourd) going back in time and stopping Michael (Cody Fern) before he ever rose to power and destroyed the world. Mallory ran over a younger Michael in the street with her SUV, and then he bled to death in the arms of his grandmother Constance (Jessica Lange). “Take me to the house,” Michael begged, knowing that if he died within the Murder House he’d come back as a ghost. “Go to Hell,” Constance sharply replied.

After the timeline was changed, Mallory then joined up with Miss Robichaux’s Academy where she met many of the witches for what they believed was the first time. In the original timeline all of the witches had been killed in the battle against Michael, including Supreme witch Cordelia (Sarah Paulson), but in this new world they were all alive and well. However, Myrtle (Frances Conroy) and Madison (Emma Roberts), who both died back during “AHS: Coven” and were resurrected in “AHS: Apocalypse,” were still dead in this altered timeline … at least for now.

The final scenes of Season 8 involved two characters we hadn’t seen since they died in the original timeline, Timothy (Kyle Allen) and Emily (Ash Santos). They fell in love during this new timeline and eventually had a baby. But in a mirror image to the Season 1 finale, their child soon grew up to become the next antichrist, as evidenced by him killing the nanny. Perhaps this new antichrist’s story will be told in a future season of “American Horror Story”?

What did you think of the final episode, titled “Apocalypse Then,” and do you agree or disagree with our readers’ poll results? Be sure to give us your take down in the comments section.

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