‘American Idol’ sisters: Did Taryn Coccia & Payton Taylor BOTH deserve to go to Hollywood? [POLL]

Monday night on “American Idol,” two sisters got golden tickets to Hollywood, but not without judge Katy Perry stirring up a bit of sibling rivalry. Pop singer Taryn Coccia (17) auditioned with Jessie J‘s “Masterpiece” while her country artist sister Payton Taylor (20) played guitar, but before the judges could give their critiques Katy asked Payton if she also wanted to sing. Payton was hesitant at first, then earned rave reviews after she performed John Prine‘s “Angel from Montgomery.” Are you happy with the judges’ decision to send BOTH “American Idol” sisters to Hollywood? Vote in our poll below.

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“Anymore sisters and brothers?” asked Lionel Richie after Taryn and Payton both finished singing. “This could be a family affair. I think that the talent is in the family. I must tell you that [being] sisters you have two unique voices.”

“Clans in the music business? That doesn’t exist,” Luke Bryan warned the sisters after Payton said that she just tagged along to support Taryn. “One of you may be the biggest star on earth, and [the other] may be the guitar player, or vice versa.”

“I kind of want to judge you guys individually because you are your own artists,” Katy Perry declared before telling Payton “yes” but Tayrn “no.” In the end, Katy was overruled when the two male judges voted “yes” to both girls.

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In his recap of “American Idol,” our live-blogger Denton Davidson wrote, “Big sisters ruin everything! Katy asked Payton if she would like to be in the running, and she admits that she does. The judges send Payton, the sister who didn’t plan on auditioning, straight to Hollywood! Katy isn’t sure Taryn is as much of an artist as Payton and gives her a ‘no.’ Ouch! Lionel gives Taryn a ‘yes’ and Luke agrees to send both sisters to Hollywood!”

Auditions continue airing for the first three weeks of “American Idol” Season 16 on ABC, with the live shows set to begin Sunday, April 22. See the complete list of “American Idol” winners over the past 15 years.

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