Top 3 unforgivable ‘America’s Got Talent’ eliminations so far are Daniel Emmet, Lily Wilker and Jeffrey Li

That sound you hear are millions of “America’s Got Talent” fans in an uproar over three unforgivable eliminations during the Judge Cuts rounds. Opera singer Daniel Emmet, animal impersonator Lily Wilker and child singer Jeffrey Li all created a firestorm of anger when they were ousted, with many fans demanding that they be asked back as a wild card. Which eliminated “AGT” act from Season 13 upset YOU the most?

When Emmet first auditioned he was interrupted mid-performance by grumpy judge Simon Cowell because he didn’t like Emmet’s original song. Cowell then instructed the 25-year-old to learn a brand new song on the spot, Il Divo‘s “Passera.” Since Emmet had never heard it before, he was given a couple of hours to learn it. He returned to the stage and performed the song as though he’d been singing it his entire life. Emmet sailed through to the next round, but was later eliminated in the Judge Cuts.

Wilker, an 11-year-old animal impressionist, wowed the judges in her audition when she performed farm noises. The talented tyke returned to make jungle noises in the Judge Cuts, and was promptly sent packing despite the judges giving her nothing but positive feedback. Wilker’s original audition went insanely viral, with more than 1.2 million YouTube viewers watching her impersonate a turkey, a horse and a dog, among others.

And that brings us to 13-year-old singer Li. After taking on Josh Groban in his audition and Whitney Houston in the Judge Cuts, many fans had Li pegged to make it all the way to the season finale. That’s why it was so shocking to see the powerful singer eliminated before even making it to the live shows. Viewers are still scratching their heads over Li’s shocking ouster, with many crossing their fingers that he’ll be brought back as a wild card act.

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