‘America’s Got Talent’ introduces the world to La Fontane Umane, human fountains who annoy Simon Cowell by ‘spitting on each other’ [WATCH]

“America’s Got Talent” judges Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel were spitting with laughter after watching La Fontane Umane, aka the Human Fountains, perform on the Season 13 premiere. But grumpy Simon Cowell was having none of it. “Can I be honest with you guys? I don’t know what you lot have been drinking but I just saw four guys spitting on each other and you got a standing ovation. It wasn’t amazing, it was just stupid,” Simon scowled. Judge for yourself by watching the “Americas Got Talent” performance video above.

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When Heidi, Mel B and Howie voted to send the human fountains through the next round, Simon angrily walked off-stage. If La Fontane Umane ends up winning Season 13, they’ll be the first comedy group to win “America’s Got Talent” in the history of NBC’s reality TV show.

“This is why I love ‘America’s Got Talent,'” raved Mel B. “There is nowhere in the whole entire world you would see this apart from on this stage. Let me tell you.”

“Well, let me correct you. Have you ever been to the Bellagio? Hello?” Howie joked about the world-famous fountains in Las Vegas.

Mel B continued, “It was original. It was funny. Simon doesn’t get it at all. It was absolutely brilliant and it made me have a proper belly laugh. You guys are funny. I love you guys.”

Heidi also expressed her love for La Fontane Umane, announcing, “It was a lot of fun watching you, and I kind of want to see what else you guys can do. I give you a yes!”

After Simon exited the studio, host Tyra Banks came out and played along with the human fountains, drinking water and then spitting into the mouth of one of the guys.

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In his “AGT” live blog, our recapper John Benutty wrote, “The four guys of Fontane Umane have reignited their singing group from their college days to compete on ‘AGT.’ Tonight they’re taking on ‘My Heart Will Go On,’ but as it turns out they aren’t actually singers, but instead the comedy act Human Fountains that spit water out and on to each other in a sort of dance satirizing opera. Simon, of course, hit his X very quickly.”

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