‘America’s Got Talent’ head-scratcher: Can YOU figure out how illusionist Rob Lake appeared out of thin air? [WATCH]

“I have challenged myself to create real magic,” announced illusionist Rob Lake during the Tuesday, June 26 episode of “America’s Got Talent.” He then asked “AGT” host Tyra Banks and judge Heidi Klum to assist him with his audition trick, as well as several people from the audience chosen at random. The Oklahoma native walked out of the theater and, via his iPhone, instructed his volunteers to stand on top of, underneath, beside and behind a platform at the center of the stage. Tyra and Heidi raised a white curtain, and then Rob magically appeared behind the curtain out of thin air. Can YOU figure out how Rob pulled off this head-scratching magic trick? Watch the “Americas Got Talent” audition above and read the judges’ comments below.

Heidi: “I don’t know what happened. Usually when people disappear you see there’s like a table [that] is a little bit thick so you kind of figure they fit into the table. I looked underneath and there’s nothing underneath. I mean, wow. I loved it.”

Mel B: “You’re very good. If I was to give you any criticism it would be your presentation. But apart from that, I loved it because that is magic and I believe in magic.”

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Simon Cowell: “You have magic powers. You do, you have them. This is exactly what you should be doing. It was very unique. It was a great audition, well done.”

Howie: “Not everyone can do what you did and that deserves your first yes.”

In his “AGT” recap, our live-blogger John Benutty wrote, “His audition involved selecting audience members, Tyra and Heidi to join him on stage while deciding to leave the theater himself after taking a selfie with Simon. Once out of the theater, Rob was visible on TV screens via his phone video. From that spot he asked everyone on stage to examine a platform set up on stage, asking both Tyra and Heidi to get on top of the platform. One audience member went behind the platform and another below the platform. A curtain was raised by Heidi and Mel on the platform and when it dropped, Rob was there! Considering the amount of people on stage, it really did have to be magic to get him to appear there, right?!”

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